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Schoolhouse Review: Thick as Thieves Book Review #hsreviews

My girl is a hippophile and has been as long as I can remember.  She gets it honest, I guess, because her older sister loves horses, too.  Just a few years ago, the two girls were planning and saving together in hopes of buying their very own horse.  Living right in the middle of the city makes that a little difficult but I was thrilled to welcome Susan K. Marlow's newest Circle C Milestones book, Thick as Thieves, into our family.  A grown-up story of almost 14-year-old Andi and her faithful equine companion, Taffy, Thick as Thieves is the perfect read at my house.  {You might remember that we were introduced to Circle C when we first read and reviewed Andi's Scary School Days a few years ago.  It's super exciting to see Andi all grown up now -- and to see my daughter enjoy it just as much today as she did 4 years ago.}

Paired with the FREE downloadable Study Guide (40 pages including an Answer Key), Thick as Thieves (paperback, 173 pages) makes for an excellent literary unit.  The Study Guide includes vocabulary studies, grammar lessons on idioms, synonyms, antonyms, and similes, character sketches, and questions to test reading comprehension.  Fun crossword puzzles, historical trivia, and horse-ology facts made this a huge hit with my daughter.  The Scripture studies and memory verses coupled with the journaling prompts made it a huge hit with this momma.  The Princess keeps a very detailed daily journal so I was thrilled that Andi enjoys journaling, too.  Isn't it great when good literature encourages personal growth?

I printed the Study Guide, 3-hole-punchd it, and placed it in a binder so that my daughter could read the book and work through the Guide simultaneously.  The Study Guide is divided into six sections of 3 - 5 chapters each so she chose to read the chapters indicated and then work through the corresponding section.  We spend time in independent reading every day so she was happy to add the Thick as Thieves literary unit to her daily schedule.    What's even better than that?  I knew that I could hand this book off to her and there would be no untold violence or unnecessary innuendos that would make my daughter uncomfortable and that we would have to discuss.  Completely family-friendly and morally sound, Susan Marlow writes books that I WANT my children to read.

Thick as Thieves Book Review
Perfect for girls and boys ages 12 and up, Thick as Thieves shares the ins and outs of ranch life in 1882 California and along the way explains the struggle to make friends that matter.  Middle schoolers are particularly hard on themselves and each other as they endeavor to understand who they are in GOD's eyes.  Thick as Thieves offers a safe environment for exploring compassion through Andi's bond with her horse, new arrivals at school, and cattle rustlers who visit the area.  Understanding what true friendship is all about is an important lesson for all of us to study.

My girl LOVES horses more than anything else in this entire world.  She's 13, but will be 14 in April (almost 14, just like Andi) so she really was the PERFECT candidate to review Thick as Thieves.  A book about a girl her age who is a true friend AND the horse she loves was a wonderful addition to her day.  She highly recommends it to others and so do I.  Make sure to "mosey on over" and read an excerpt from the book for yourself.  Please check out the following Social Media pages for even more information:

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