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Homeschool Review: Princess Cut (Watchman Pictures) #hsreviews ##PrincessCut #romanticdrama #Christianfilm #awardwinning

I like a movie that touches my heart and makes me smile and Princess Cut by Watchman Pictures did not disappoint.  I keep waiting for Spring to officially arrive and stay, but it keeps tricking us.  A few weeks ago, I found myself inside on a cold, gloomy Saturday with a pile mountain of laundry on the couch.  I don't know about you, but I consider loads of clean laundry and some time on a Saturday afternoon to be a great combination.  The very best way that I can think of to tackle a huge mountain like that is to pop a movie in the DVD player and get to folding.

Now, I enjoy watching a good movie, but what I consider a really good movie doesn't always line up with the opinions of others.  I'm all about a little drama, but I prefer a happy ending.  I also don't want to watch anything with language or situations that make me cringe.  There's a weird feeling I get in my spirit when I happen upon those things, so I'm always on the lookout for movies to watch that bring glory and honor to GOD.  I like a little romance as much as the next girl, but I especially like it when the romantic situations point out the beauty of GOD's plan and design for love.  These are the movies that I want to see and to share with my children.  I want to fill my life with the things of the WORD and not the things of the world.  Princess Cut meets all of these expectations -- and more.

Princess Cut tells the story of a farm girl named Grace who (like many 20-something year-old young ladies) dreams of the day she will have a beautiful diamond ring slipped on her finger by her knight in shining armor.  As so often is the case, unfortunately for Grace, her original knight wears tarnished armor.  Her bitter disappointment leads her looking for love when all along GOD had the perfect love waiting patiently nearby.  With parents who support her and gently remind her of the perfect love of the FATHER, Grace learns to wait for happiness to seek her out.  The beauty of Princess Cut is that the story of GOD's redemptive love is woven throughout.  There is drama and intrigue, romance and love -- but there is absolutely nothing that a family can't sit down and watch together.  That's what makes this film a winner for my family.

Princess Cut The Movie

When I first turned the DVD on my children (ages 16, 18, 23) were scattered about -- within listening range -- but were not watching the movie beside me because, you remember, I was folding clothes. I knew they were actually listening, though, when one daughter asked, "Is this some kind of feel-good channel movie that you are watching?"  I told her no and kept right on folding.  A few minutes later, she asked, "Hey, wait -- is this a faith-based film?"  I simply smiled, kept on folding, and watched as they kids migrated to the living room to see what happened to Grace.  In the end, we were all delighted to be reminded of just how much love the FATHER has for us all.  Princess Cut is a well-done, heartfelt movie and we recommend that you watch it, too.  There's enough action to keep even teenage boys interested and enough romance to keep a 16-year-old girl smiling.  It has a little bit of everything needed to entertain a family.

Watchman Pictures

For more information about Princess Cut and other Christian films from Watchman Pictures, please visit the following Social Media sites:

I am a fan of family-friendly movies and feel like I can trust Watchman Pictures with the hearts and minds of those I love the most.  I would love for you to read more about Watchman Pictures and see the heart behind their ministry.  Their mission is to provide "good stories well told, that communicate powerful ideas based on Truth, that entertains and edifies the viewer."  Y'all, this is a company that we want to support.  PLEASE check them out.

I was given the opportunity to review a Princess Cut from Watchman Pictures as a member of the Homeschool Review Crew.   Make sure that you visit the  Crew Review to see what othe members of the Crew thought of it, too.  You can click on the picture below to jump right over there.  

Princess Cut {Watchman Pictures Reviews}

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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Homeschool Review: Homeschool Diploma #hsreviews #HSGraduation #Diplomas

We are down to our final graduate at Long Leaf Academy and I would have it no other way than to present her with one of the beautiful diplomas from Homeschool DiplomaHomeschool Diploma offers three different types of High School Diplomas (The Standard Diploma, The Personalized Diploma, and The Gilded Diploma) and the best part is that they are each customized to your liking.  The Standard Diploma can be customized with your school name, graduate's name, city, and graduation date.  A lovely option, it is anything but standard.  For my final graduate, we have chosen The Personalized Diploma because it can be designed to reflect her heart, as well as her education.  The third option available is the extra-fancy Gilded Diploma which is very similar to our Personalized Diploma with the additon of 23-karat gold illumination gilding.  All diplomas are available in a 6 x 8 or 8.5 x 11 size and can be perfectly designed to fit your style.

We were introduced to these high quality diplomas a few years ago when my son was preparing for graduation and I simply fell in love.  For my oldest daughters' graduations, we printed diplomas on a weighted paper.  They were nice, but not nearly as exceptional as the ones we have received from Homeschool Diploma. As a matter of fact, my eldest daughter saw her youngest sister's diploma when it arrived a few weeks ago and suggested that maybe, just maybe, I should replace hers and her sister's printed-by-me diplomas with some from Homeschool Diploma.  How's that for an endorsement?

Customizing your diploma from Homeschool Diploma is a simple process. First, I chose the 8.5 x 11 size and then began working through the steps online to create the perfect diploma for my "baby."  Through a series of drop-down boxes, you are able to choose the center seal (embossed foil or engraved), add the graduate's name and gender, and the name of your school and city/state (listing the city/state is optional, but as you can see -- we liked it), choose the wording for your diploma (there are 4 different choices and each choice has several options to make it perfectly yours.  We chose to remind our daughter that she demonstrates GODly wisdom in her life.), choose to include a special Bible verse or quote (you can choose one provided or enter your own), personalize how you would like signature lines titled, choose the paper it will be printed on and the font that will be used, pick an honors seal, and choose a diploma cover.  The one disappointment that I have in myself is that I failed to choose an honors seal when I ordered.  I'm not sure where my head was when I ordered, but I have seen a friend's diploma with the honor seal and it is absolutely stunning.  Learn from my mistake and make sure to pick a seal for your graduate.   You can see how our "finished product" turned out in the picture below.  The Personalized Diploma is such a special way to finish our years together.

For my son, I really wanted a diploma that would speak directly to his heart as he read over it and that would challenge him to strive for excellence always.  Our Homeschool Diploma was perfect for that, so I knew that I wanted the same thing for my daughter.  I especially love the line that states that she is equipped by the grace of GOD to meet the challenges of life as an adult.  I want her to fully understand and rely of that GRACE in all areas of her life.   Where elements of her education may fail, GOD will not.

Deuteronomy 11:17-18 tells us to commit ourselves wholeheartedly to GOD's word -- to "Tie them to your hands and wear them on your forehead as reminders. Teach them to your children. Talk about them when you are at home and when you are on the road, when you are going to bed and when you are getting up."  It has been of the utmost importance to me -- our number one goal in educating our children at home -- that they will know GOD's Word and understand to WHOM they belong.  Jeremiah 29:11 has been a life verse for our family, and I love being able to include it right on the diploma.  I desire for my children to always know that GOD's plans are better for them than any they could come up with on their own.

Long Leaf Academy is home. It is the place where we have nurtured and corrected, where we have studied and learned.  For us, home education is about so much more than book knowledge.  It is about growing a heart that yearns for more of JESUS everyday.  We have strived to offer a Christian education based on the solid truth of GODliness and character found in the WORD.

Our Homeschool Diploma gives us the perfect canvas to share all of that and will serve as a beautiful reminder of our expectations, hopes, and standards for our family.  You can see the details of our chosen seal in the picture below.  I think it is the perfect reflection of our school.

Graduation really is such a special time in the life of a homeschool family and Homeschool Diploma will help you pull it all together as you strive to bring glory and honor to GOD.  You can purchase caps and gowns, tassels, honor cords, medallions, and invitations.  There are even class rings, key chains, keepsakes, and announcements and invitations available.  The 8th Grade Diploma will help make the transition into high school special and there are even Cap, Gown, Tassel, and Diploma options for celebrating your Kindergarten milestones, too.  Truly, everything you need to make your graduation ceremony special is available at Homeschool Diploma.  You simply supply the graduate and Homeschool Diploma will take care of the rest.

Homeschool Diploma

For more information about these beautiful diplomas and other graduation items, please visit these Homeschool Diploma Social Media sites:

Twitter @HomeschlDiploma

Oh, how I wish they stayed little forever.  Graduation comes ever-so-quickly.  Whatever stage you are in, enjoy these days, mom.  Before you know it, your littles will be preparing to move the tassel again.

Here's to a meaningful and memorable Graduation!  Caps off to your grads -- and to you, mom!

I was given the opportunity to review a beautiful Standard Diploma from Homeschool Diploma as a member of the Homeschool Review Crew.   Other members of the Crew reviewed high school caps and gowns as well as diplomas, kindergarten graduation items, and 8th grade graduation items.  Make sure that you visit the  Crew Review to see what they thought of all these wonderful resources.  You'll see just how much the Homeschool Review Crew loves Homeschool Diploma.  

Kindergarten Graduation and Junior High Diploma for your Homeschool  {Homeschool Diploma Reviews}

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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter Sunday . . . and the Family Blend

"HE is not here: for HE is risen, as HE said. Come, see the place where the LORD lay."  Matthew 28:6

I wanted to share a few pictures from Easter.  If you know me at all, you know that I'm all about a blend.  I think we pulled it off this year.  Unfortunately this picture isn't quite complete since we were missing Victoria and Marty.  It's hard to have the entire family together once they grow up, but I sure do treasure the times when all my kiddos are under my roof.

In the Prayer Garden
All of the Freemans
with my MainMost

This front porch has been the setting for quite a few pictures over the years.

 I love this woman.

I'm trying to be intentional about taking pictures -- even when they get tired of smiling.  Treasure every moment of family.  #familyfirst

"But if you refuse to serve the LORD, then choose today whom you will serve. Would you prefer the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates? Or will it be the gods of the Amorites in whose land you now live? But as for me and my family, we will serve the LORD."  Joshua 24:15

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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Easter Eggstravaganza

We had such fun at our annual Easter Eggstravaganza and the baskets were overflowing with colorful eggs.  I love that we can share how much MORE GOD's LOVE overflows for us.

Here are just a few of my friends that came to hunt eggs.  Aren't those baskets impressive?

"For the SON of MAN came to seek and save those who are lost."  Luke 19:10
"Oh, how generous and gracious our LORD was!  HE filled me with the faith and love that come from CHRIST JESUS.  This is a trustworthy saying, and everyone should accept it: 'CHRIST JESUS came into the world to save sinners' -- and I am the worst of them all."  1 Timothy 1:14-15

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Friday, March 30, 2018

Floral Friday

"Look at the lilies and how they grow. They don’t work or make their clothing, yet Solomon in all his glory was not dressed as beautifully as they are."  Luke 12:27

My daughter did Beta Club service hours at our homeschool group's annual Easter egg hunt today and this is the beauty that surrounded us.  Isn't it simply marvelous?

Isn't GOD's handiwork awesome?
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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Homeschool Review: Carole P. Roman Books #hsreviews #CarolePRoman #childrensbooks #culture #history

I guess I'm kind of a "collector."  I like having complete "sets" of things that I love so it will come as no surprise that I dream of having the complete collection of If You Were Me and Lived In . . . books by author Carole P. Roman -- because I really do love each and every one of the books that we have reviewed.  I fell in love with Carole's books a few years ago when we were introduced to her cultural series of books and I absolutely adored reading her Oh, Susannah book series last year.  There's just something special about each of the titles in the Carole P. Roman books and collections and I look forward to seeing just where she plans to take us next.  I can't wait to read If You Were Me and Lived in . . . Viking Europe:  An Introduction to Civilizations Throughout Time (Volume 3).  It is the very next book in the series on my list of must-haves and then I want to share some of the Captain No-Beard stories with some of my favorite little ones.  I think I'll start with Being a Captain is Hard Work.

IF you were me and lived in

I was excited to add If You Were Me and Lived in. . . Colonial America:  An Introduction to Civilizations Throughout Time (Volume 9) and If You Were Me and Lived in . . . Ancient China: The Han Dynasty - An Introduction to Civilizations Throughout Time (Volume 2) to our library and to have the opportunity to revisit If You Were Me and Lived in . . . the Ancient Mali Empire (An Introduction to Civilizations Throughout Time, Volume 5).  These really are the neatest books and they take you on grand adventures while sharing historical and cultural information in a fun way.  I find that reading the books and sharing through the pages together opens our eyes to tidbits of information that we might never have realized before.  For example, we consider lobster to be quite the delicacy, but did you know that colonial children got tired of the creepy creatures?  After a long winter in a brand new country, they were longing for a nice mutton stew and adjusting to new crops.  Fun facts, right?

If you've been around us for very long at all, you KNOW that history is our all-time favorite subject.  I think that's part of what draws us to these books.  These are the books that we read and re-read and then check out again later.  The illustrations are inviting and there are new things to discover and learn with each reading as you explore what your life MIGHT have been like in a different time period.

If You Were Me and Lived in. . . Colonial America:  An Introduction to Civilizations Throughout Time (Volume 9) begins with a trip to London almost 400 years ago and discusses religious freedom as seen through the eyes of the Puritans.  This 61-page, softcover book explores the hardships faced by the earliest settlers as they learned to adjust to new land, new food, new weather, and create a new government from scratch.  It is neat to read through the pages of the book to find out what types of clothing they wore, what they did for fun (crosses and naughts, anyone?), and how they learned.  I like reading the short biographical sketches on the "people of influence" listed in the back of the book and find the glossary quite handy, too.  Carole even shares information for attaining the additional resources that go along with the book -- there are worksheets, coloring pages, essay topics, and critical thinking exercises that help make this a well-rounded resource for families.

If You Were Me and Lived in . . . Ancient China: The Han Dynasty - An Introduction to Civilizations Throughout Time (Volume 2) takes us all the way back to the year 150 A.D. as we explore the vast differences from the China of today and the China of yesterday.  The watercolor-like illustrations are exceptionally beautiful in this 76-page, softcover book and they help us to "see" the beauty that has been passed down for generations.  Did you know that mommies were easy to find in Ancient China because they wore a hat with little bells that dangled as they walked?  And the origins of "big hair" date back much further than the 80s and 90s?  It seems that moms in Ancient China spent HOURS having their hair braided so that it would be bigger than their face -- but little girls were not allowed to pin their hair up until they were married.  Talk about a rite of passage!   We found it super interesting that only boys were allowed to go to school and they studied the three major religions of  Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism since our college Freshman has been studying just that in his World Civilization course this semester.  There is so much information packed into this book and it explains so very much that we've heard about, but never quite understood.  The Lantern Festival, the importance of numbers and colors, and the Chinese calendar are just a few of the things that we were excited to learn more about and understand better.

Books by Carole P Roman

If You Were Me and Lived in . . . the Ancient Mali Empire (An Introduction to Civilizations Throughout Time, Volume 5) takes us back to the year 1332 at the rise of the Mali Empire.  This 78-page, softcover book begins by explaining what the word Mali means (hippopotamus, who knew?) and paints a picture of what it would have looked like 700 years ago.  Wow!  Explaining the government and economics in an easy-to-understand language, Carole truly takes the reader on the trip of a lifetime.  With a look at family life, religious life, daily life, and more, we feel like we've "been there, done that" as we study through the pages of history.  From clothing styles to what's on the table for dinner, we really see the big picture of life in Ancient Mali.  Although they didn't boil their peanuts like we do at our house, we discovered that the people of the Malian society liked many of the same things we do.  The Glossary in the back of the book makes sure that we are pronouncing words correctly and understanding what we read.  This is a great introduction to the Ancient Mali Empire.

Like I've mentioned, we really are quite fond of these precious books by Carole P. Roman.   She's simply TOPS in our book.  The really cool thing is there is a way to make all of her books fit into your life -- no matter the ages of your children.  Carole offers age suggestions for each of her series, but please don't get bogged down in that.  If you do, you might miss some incredible reads.   In our household, older and younger kids (and their parents) have enjoyed reading and studying through the pages of these history and cultural books.  They are a fun starting place of adventure that help you explore this big old world we are all a part of together.

Carol P Roman Children's Book Author

For more information about all of the fabulous books brought to you by Carole P. Roman check out the following Social Media Links:

We have had the privilege of reviewing several of the history books and still keep them right on the bookshelf in our living room as a handy reference tool.  I'd love for you to read our review of  Mars, Renaissance Italy, and Oh, Susannah.  You can also read about our first impressions of Ancient Greece, Elizabethan England, The Middle Ages, and The American West and see how we incorporated them right into our high school history.  You can visit our earlier reviews of the original series of cultural books and you will be able to see what we thought of Mexico, South Korea, France, and Norway AND see how we used the books on Australia, Portugal, and Russia, too.  Good books can take you to places you've never been.  Are you up for an adventure?  Start HERE.

I was given the opportunity to review this selection of books from Carole P. Roman as a member of the Homeschool Review Crew.   You can check out the Crew Review and see what other members of the Homeschool Review Crew thought of their special books.

Carole P. Roman books and collections {Carole P. Roman Reviews}

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