Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Soup's On! {a virtual soup exchange}

Last night as I was perusing Facebook before I fell asleep {you know, that half dreamy state when you make sure nothing important has happened in the world before you turn over until morning?} a friend of mine shared a blog post about a real-life Soup Exchange.  I clicked that little "save" button on my phone like I do for all the cool things I want to remember, but to just be real honest, I have yet to find where Facebook actually saves my stuff.

Anywho, the girl who wrote the post was talking about a warm and tasty Soup Exchange that she did on a snowy Saturday afternoon.  Each of her friends brought 4 quarts of soup to "exchange" with one another and a bit to share right there on the spot. {Kind of like a Cookie Exchange we did way back in the day at church.} She set up a grilled cheese sandwich bar -- complete with ham and bacon -- and her friends tasted each other's soups, ate warm, toasty sandwiches, and enjoyed their time together.  There were prizes for the best soups, party favors of soup mugs and homemade bread, and everyone left with new soups to eat later.

If you've ever visited here before, you KNOW how much I love soup.  There's just something familiar about a warm bowl of goodness on a cold, dreary day.  I've shared some of our family favorites right here on the blog (and I've shared some of them more than once.  Ha.  My old age kicks in and I forget when I've already given you my recipe.  There's one favorite soup that I've TYPED OUT at least THREE different times for you.  Let me know if you find which one.).

I think the Soup Exchange is a GREAT IDEA.  I'd LOVE to be a part of one myself.  As I dozed off last night, I tried to decide which of my friends might actually agree to come to one if I put it together.  Who would be willing to make and package quarts of soup to share?  And is a quart of soup really enough?  Maybe we'd need gallons?  Hmmm . . .

It truly is cold and miserable outside {at least it's miserable weather for my neck of the woods}  -- definitely not what we are used to, that's for sure.  And I'm always looking for new soup recipes to try out on my guinea pigs family.  As a matter of fact, I've got chicken breast thawing for supper and I'm thinking I'd like to make Chicken and Rice Soup.  Which I've NEVER made -- and am not even sure I'll like.  But for some reason, it's calling my name.

I think it would be super fun to do a Soup Exchange -- but for now I'll settle for a virtual soup exchange.  {I guess that would actually be a soup RECIPE exchange, but that doesn't sound near as warm and fulfilling.}  How about joining me over a bowl of steaming, hot soup?  Would YOU share a soup recipe (or two, or three, or four) with me?  You can leave a link to your favorite recipe or copy and paste it right in the comments.  I'll be trying as many of them as I can and sharing them with all of my friends.

And I'll get us started.  Here are a few of our favorite soup recipes -- actual tried and true, made-in-my-kitchen food:

(Wow, do we like potato soup, or what?  And can you believe they are ALL different potato recipes?)

Please share yours with me.  I'd love to see what's cooking in your neck of the woods.
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  1. I was ginna give you the country potato soupvrecipe you already have. Just made it last night! Favorite!

    I'm gonna get a different one for you that we made last week! I'll blog it and post the link later.

  2. I just linked up several soup recipes. Let me know if you try any of them. I am thinking I need to make the Virus Killing Soup (so called because it is so good for her and builds the immune system) not because we're sick but because it is a fabulous wonderful soup!


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