Saturday, September 17, 2011

Super-Mom . . . ???

I'm feeling a bit like Super-Mom today because of my preparations yesterday.  (HA!  Wonder how long this feeling will last?) Granted, I know that I didn't do anything spectacular -- lots of moms do the same thing every week -- but it's been such a long time since I did it that I am feeling pretty good about myself today.

While the Easy Hambone Potato Soup was simmering yesterday before we hit the road to soccer practice, birthday sleepovers, and GA Missions meeting at church, I took a few minutes to brown the big pack of hamburger meat that I had stuck in the refrigerator.  I put the hamburger meat into a great big pot, added a chopped onion, a little salt and pepper and let it simmer and do it's thing.  When it was cooked through, I drained the grease and added a package of taco seasoning mix that I had on hand and promptly put the entire pot into the refrigerator to deal with later.

When I arrived home from today's running around and kid pick-ups, it was time for lunch.  A few years ago one of my sweet Suite Sisters sent me an easy-peasy recipe for the Best Vegetable Soup and it has become a staple in our food repertoire.  I had everything I needed on-hand and it is currently simmering on the stovetop. As soon as the cornbread is ready, it'll be Soups-On for my crew.

And the Super-Mom part?  There is enough seasoned hamburger meat left for me to make a huge pot of Chili AND a big pot of Taco Soup.  (I'll share those recipes with you when I make them!) I think I'll make those tomorrow and freeze away for another day.  If there's any of the Best Ever Vegetable Soup left, I'll add it to the cold day offerings as well -- but I doubt there's any left.  We're hungry!

Best-Ever Vegetable Soup (and the EASIEST, too!)

1lb ground beef

1 to 2 large cans Veg-All (depends on how many veggies you want)

1 can Creamed Corn

1 can Chili (No Beans)

1 large can Diced Tomatoes

Brown ground beef and then add all other ingredients.  Let simmer. Great in a crock pot!

(Keeping it real:   I omitted the chili today since I had none and I figure the taco seasoning will be just fine.  I used 2 cans of Veg-All, undrained and added a can of chopped potatoes.  It is SO simple and delicious.  Paired with hot cornbread, cold butter and sweet tea -- who could resist?)

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