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I have always liked history the most and through the years of homeschooling, I've gravitated towards hands-on history products, curriculum, and resources.  As a result, my kids all like history as much as their momma does.  Years ago, we were introduced to Home School in the Woods and we've incorporated so many of their offerings into our studies together.  Our latest find is the HISTORY Through the Ages TIMELINE TRIO and I just have to tell you that it is one of my all-time favorite resources. 
The TIMELINE TRIO consists of an absolutely gorgeous timeline notebook called the Record of Time, a Collection of Historical Timeline Figures on CD, and a Suggested Placement Guide that "suggests" how you can best use the [over 1200] timeline figures found on the CD.  The timeline notebook is a 3-ring binder in landscape (horizontal) format that holds 144-pages of timeline that spans from 5000 BC to Present time.  The cream-colored paper is a nice, thick quality so that it does not bleed through to the next page when you write on your timeline.  (It's the kind of paper my oldest daughter loves more than anything.  There is a certain feel and sound to good paper in her opinion, and this meets all of her criteria.)  A section of beautiful maps is included in the back of the notebook.  These maps show the layout of ancient countries, modern countries and continents, and the world.  There are both political and physical maps of the United States, as well.  

The Historical Timeline Figures CD offers advice on teaching with timelines and tells you how to set up a myriad of timeline styles including wall timelines, notebook timelines, card file timelines, and portable timelines.  It explains the different techniques for personalizing a timeline, offers suggestions for turning learning into fun with games, and discusses the different means for securing pictures onto your timeline (glue sticks are best).  And while all of that is super cool, the very best part of the CD is the beautiful black and white figures that represent the history of our world.  There are so very many figures to use and choose from and you can print each of them in either wall-size or notebook-size and color them before using.  We are using our colored pencils for an old-world feel.  How much fun it is to add your very own creative flair to these images from history.

Even more fun, you can choose to include descriptive text with each figure OR you can choose to print with only a title.  I prefer the descriptive text because I think it turns the completed timeline notebook into a "coffee table" book that we can enjoy with children, grandchildren, friends, and family.  You may choose to have your children write directly in the notebook (There are lines provided to do so and this would definitely give you something even more unique and personalized.).  Don't you just love this?  For easy access and study, timeline figures are broken down into five subcategories:  Creation to Christ (Beginning of the World to the 1st Century World History), Resurrection to Revolution (0-1799 A.D. World History), Napoleon to Now (1750 A.D. - Modern-Day World History), America's History (Explorers to the 21st Century), and there are even Bonus Figures.  You can imagine how thrilled we were to find figures for one of our favorite authors (G.A.Henty) and the Battle of Vicksburg during the Civil War.  We've visited Vicksburg National Park often so it was fun to find it as a timeline figure.  The Modern Day figures help my children understand better about the time frame of history that they call their own as they add pictures of themselves in with the timeline happenings.

Side-by-side comparison of Wall- and Notebook-Sized Figures

The Suggested Placement Guide is a softcover book (72 pages) that helps keep you on track as you study history.  It offers a small scale visual of how you can best arrange the figures to meet your needs whether you prefer placement by actual date, placement by event, or placement by historical significance.  I appreciate that I am given permission to make the timeline book my very own as I tend to have a hard time "starting" something for fear I may "mess it up."  I'm a "placement by actual date" kind of girl, but my daughter prefers that we place figures by event so we're combining the two.

We always start "in the beginning . . . "

Putting it all together

I truly have always loved history, but as I've explained before, I get caught in the trap of looking at specific events or time periods as individual instead of seeing their place in the big picture of GOD's world.  A timeline helps us all to see the who, what, where, and when as one big continually mesh of life and I am looking forward to using ours in a different way as we delve into our ancestry this year.  I have been gathering pictures from both mine and my husband's family tree and my daughter is working on adding them to our timeline notebook as she completes the section/century to which they belong.  We think this will be an even more delightful use of the TIMELINE TRIO as we figure out our place in this world.

You can find out more information about the multitude of resources offered by Home School in the Woods by visiting the following Social Media sites:

And make sure that you check out all of the different Lap-Paks offered.  We've had the privilege of working through several of them.   In my opinion, the HISTORY Through the Ages Hands-On History Lap-Pak:  U.S. Elections is superb stuff.  It turned the recent presidential elections into excellent political discussions at my house. As always, it was very well put together, contained superb teaching content, and was enjoyed by all.  We very much enjoyed 20th Century in America a few years ago, as well.  I recommend them to you without reservation.

Home School in the Woods

Home School in the Woods has become a family favorite at Long Leaf Academy.  I am always happy to get my hands on what they offer and I know that you will like it, too.

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