Thursday, January 7, 2016

An Old Love Revisited {virtual refrigerator}

There's been a coloring frenzy at our house since Christmas.  Santa brought adult coloring books in all three of my girl's stockings and the Princess received  an art set of special colored pencils and new markers.  As a result, I've seen some pretty intense design sessions as we watch movies and visit with friends and family.  Those art supplies are going everywhere we go so I wanted to share a few of her creations -- what she calls her newest obsession.

I'm actually beginning to think that maybe I'm just a little bit jealous.  I want a coloring book!

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  1. My mom got me a butterfly one. It is fun, but tiny. I think I'd do better with larger spaces to color.

  2. that's exactly what I said! "Now I want a coloring book!" LOL

    Love your Virtual Fridge button at the top too. :-)

  3. The design frenzy is great! I enjoy the coloring books, too, though I need to make time for it more often. - Lori


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