Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Giving Thanks {a thankful Tuesday post}

1.  For birds bathing in rain puddles outside my kitchen window

2.  For an oven that works again after being on hiatus for a while.

3.  For rain, rain, rain after nothing but dry dust for months.

4.  For washing machines that spin and make light work of what could be a most difficult task.

5.  For the half-blind Cocker Spaniel that thinks he's my shadow.

6.  For friends and family that make my world go 'round.

7.  For the finder of my path that takes me safely where I need to go.

8.  For an air conditioner in November.

9.  For door prizes that make me smile.

10.  For those who pray alongside me during the tests that come.

11.  For a man who loves my daughter as much as I do.

12.  For missionary stories of adventure.

13.  For the right to vote.

14.  For half-price candy corn because it's the favorite of the MainMost.

15.  For the man who still makes my heart flutter when he smiles at me across the room.

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