Friday, September 25, 2015

Random 5 on Friday -- September 25

1.  Weddings are exhausting.  Whew!  The recuperation mode can be tough.  But they are beautiful and we had fun.  Life is good.  We are blessed.

Side views as they prepare to smile for the camera.

Let there be cake.  And love.  And laughter.  FOREVER.

2.  Caramel Frappes are addicting; but, oh, so delicious.

3.  I NEED a vacation.  Just a little escape to somewhere different -- and fun.  That said, where are your favorite vacation destinations?  And when did you last take one?  I do hope you'll share.

4.  I like plays and musicals and feel "cultured" when I get to see one.  Yesterday, we saw Crimes of the Heart at New Stage and it was wonderful.

Culture and Friends make for a perfect day.

5.  I don't much like change (but I'm adapting) or secrets (ever!).   I'm not sure how I feel about dogs anymore either.  BUT, looks like we are back at the Dog Farm -- see what the Princess found yesterday that Lucy had been hiding:

Too many puppies

And those my friends are my random thoughts for today.  What's going on in your neck of the woods?
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  1. You quoted Primus... I am so proud of you.... "Too many puppies......"


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