Thursday, August 6, 2015

Offering HOPE through WorldHelp #WHBloggers #WhySponsor

I went to Guatemala a few years ago and fell in love with the people and the children I met there. Their beautiful faces and smiles touched my heart in ways I never imagined possible.

We returned the next year for a trip that still baffles me.  I visited the place where I'm supposed to live and serve and love -- and I still see it in my dreams.

Two years ago, I traveled to Thailand and dead eyes in faces without hope haunt me still.

In January of this year, we were visited by the WorldHelp Children of the World International Children's Choir and I led a day camp of arts and activity for them.  Those gorgeous children -- the ones who have been sponsored and loved and cared for -- are different.  The light in their eyes, the love in their hearts as they called me Auntie, the HOPE with which they are filled because someone cared to make a difference resonates with me.  They exuded contagious JOY.

That's why I am a World Humanitarian Blogger.  That's why I share.

WE can make a difference -- you and I.  We can be the change.  There are children all over the world who need love and care and HOPE. Sponsorship offers all of that -- and more.

It's as simple as putting our love on the map.   Won't you join me?

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