Friday, August 7, 2015

Random 5 on Friday -- August 7

1.  Planning weddings can be a bit stressful.  So can cleaning house, running camps, adding dates to the calendar, and starting back.

2.  Blue is my favorite.  I can't quite remember when blue took over from yellow, but somehow it did.  It just snuck right up and pushed yellow out of the way.  I love a blue and yellow combo, but blue is my favorite.  Blue calms me and makes me feel welcome.  I wonder if it's supposed to do that?

3.  My feelings are hurt easily.  I need to work on toughening up and not letting things bombard me like I do.  I'm working on a new me -- a wise friend is walking beside me and reminding me that it's okay to reinvent.

4.  We are DEFINITELY going back to the master family menu this year -- even though we'll mostly be just cooking for four.  It's still my best idea ever.  {I can't believe we're down to just cooking for four.  Where did the time go?  Who said they could grow up and go off to grad school and get married?}

5.  I still love going out to the mailbox and seeing what arrives.  It's been one of my favorite things for as long as I can remember.  I always hope for a small piece that's a personal "hello, how are you doing?" but I rarely ever find those these days.  As wonderful as digital technology can be, it has surely taken some of the conversation out of the world.  Maybe it's time for me to start writing letters and sending notes and sharing a "hello" with others again.  Maybe, just maybe, reinventing sometimes means renewing the old.

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