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Schoolhouse Review: Memoria Press #hsreviews

Memoria Press Review

I was first introduced to Memoria Press way back in 2011 when we were privileged to review First Form Latin with my then 5th and 7th graders.  We quickly realized that Latin was definitely NOT a dead language and we enjoyed studying it together.  Fast forward a few years and those kids are just about all grown up (just ask them!).  We've recently had the added privilege of studying The Book of the Ancient Romans together and it has been another valuable learning experience at Long Leaf Academy.

Memoria Press ReviewThe Book of the Ancient Romans Set is written for students in grades 6 - 12 so my now 8th and 10th graders found it easy to use, read, and comprehend on their own.  It's hard to believe that my babies are all grown up, but they are.  They've reached a place in their academic study that does not require me to be as near as hands-on with them as I once was.  It's easy for me to check out the basics of what a textbook will provide them and turn it over to them to study and learn.  I can now simply help them set their reading goals (what should be finished when) and assign the dates for reviews and tests to be completed.  They are prepping for college as they learn to take responsibility for study and deadlines.  I like that you can see the entire Table of Contents and view a sample of each of the three books that make up the set on the website as I help set the calendar of study.  It makes my job as a teaching parent much easier.

Included in the complete set are the following three components:

  • The Book of the Ancient Romans Text (435-pages, softcover) -- a wonderfully detailed history book written in the 1920s by Dorothy Mills, this text serves as part of an introduction to history and civilization of the ancient world.  Divided into twenty-five chapters that are broken down into the following sections, Mills covers major historical highlights in a way that students can understand.  The reading is both interesting and entertaining.  The illusrations are simply lovely. Students study: 
    • The Rome of Myth and Legend
    • Rome, the Conqueror and Lawgiver
      • Rome, the Mistress of Italy
      • Rome, the Mistress of the Mediterranean
      • Rome, the Mistress of the World and 
      • The Decline and Fall of Rome

  • The Book of the Ancient Romans Student Guide (77-pages, softcover) -- contains facts to know, maps to label and color, comprehension questions to answer, vocabulary words to learn (both English and Latin), activities to complete (drawing/labeling additional maps, creating timelines to track major events in ancient Rome, and researching/writing paragraphs and papers), and chapter/section reviews that can be used before testing 

  • The Book of the Ancient Romans Teacher Guide (100+pages, softcover) -- includes all answers for the Student Guide (77 pages filled in), 5 blank Tests for students plus answers, and a Final Exam plus answers (48 pages).  These can be used to make sure your students fully comprehend what they have been studying.

We've spent a good deal of time over the years studying Ancient Romans, so my children have used this as a basic review of culture and characters.  They enjoy reading the literary excerpts and seeing just where each piece fits into the timeline of history.  I like hearing their discussions as they read along -- and listening to the debates that naturally occur as they delve into the questions found in the Student Guide.  The Comprehension Questions and Facts to Know sections have been used as oral fodder to see who is most knowledgeable.  Yep, no sibling rivalry here at all.

For grading purposes, we have used the provided chaper and section reviews as open book testing and will continue to work through the tests and final exams over the summer.  I like to know that my children are learning JUST TO LEARN -- and Memoria Press offers us that opportunity.  I want the quest for knowledge to be insatiable and never-ending and quality books that I can offer to my kids just for the fun of it make me happy,  Because it does just that, The Book of the Ancient Romans Set makes me happy.

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Memoria Press Review
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