Wednesday, May 6, 2015

currently {May 2015}

Greetings from Chicago.  After months of anticipation, we've finally arrived for our BIG TRIP, and we are having a great time together.  Oh, how I love this city!

Here's a look at what is currently on my mind . . . 

Designing:  decorations for Camp Sunshine, t-shirts for StudentLife

Enjoying:  quality time with my youngest two children.  I'm reminded that they really do like each other as they laugh and hang out together on this trip.  It's a good break away from our norm and provides learning, too.

Ordering:  supplies for both camps and VBS, learning to better order my days

Celebrating:  birthdays, graduate school acceptance letters, good grades in online Physics, fun wins at the World Championship, weddings, love

Blue Crew, Too

Tasting:  real Chicago pizza pie, custard, Memphis barbecue

Giordano's Pizza Pie

currently, this month has great potential.

I linking up with Jenna and Anne to share what is currently going on in the world around me.  Join us?  Check back in on June 3rd when I share what I'm currently playinggoing,wearingsipping, and reading. Pin It Now!


  1. Holy Moly! That pizza is something

  2. I love Chicago too! Have fun! (And now I'm craving some good pizza, for sure.) Thanks for linking up as always!

  3. OMG that pizza looks amazing! Yum. Chicago is definitely on our travel bucket lists. :)
    Thanks so much for linking up!!


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