Monday, April 7, 2014

The Place To Be #SmithsonianExhibit

It was a great day for a Field Trip.  After horrendous weather last night and into the wee hours of morning, it was nice to escape to Co-Lin for some educational fun.

Always wonderful hosts, we enjoyed The  Science of Magic and working with the underwater Seawolves robots thanks to Dr. McKone and the Physics Department.  They even gave us a snack before we headed over to the Smithsonian Exhibit The Way We Worked.  The exhibit was a perfect complement to our current history studies.  

It was a perfect combination of learning and fun.  

Ta-Da -- Science is Magical

Homeschoolers are Fun.

Big Kids in the Back -- but not too cool to enjoy

Snack of Champions

Underwater Robotics

In the Driver's Seat

The Smithsonian at Home

Hands-on History

Top Notch Offerings

How the Times Have Changed

Welcome Home

Early Days at Work
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