Monday, April 28, 2014

Blue Crew Takes on World

And we're off.  This how the Bros ride in style.  Gaming all the way.

Are we there yet?

Meet me in St. Louis

Team Spirit

YES -- we've arrived.  World Robotics Competition

Setting up the Pit Area

Early Morning trip to the Dome

Wake up Call

City Streets

Scouting Strategy

Cheering on the SmashWagon

Happy Birthday to my Teen

Perfecting the Double Hang

Russian Alliance

A Sea of Blue

No Rest for the Weary

City Museum After Hours -- a cool place to unwind

Even the Running Man Cheers for Blue Crew

Splash Time

No Shoes?

Enjoy the Moment

My Blue Crew in Yellow

Impressive Bunch

We're going up THERE?

From the Top

Love these folks -- and the photo bomber in back

Closing Ceremony

All Aglow for True Love


Until Next Year . . .

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