Friday, January 31, 2014

The Empty Shelf Challenge. #EmptyShelf

I read about the "Empty Shelf Challenge" back in December -- it was all over my Facebook feed one week, so I thought I should check it out.  Jon Acuff (a New York Times Bestselling Author) dared folks to empty one shelf off of any bookshelf in their home or office and begin filling it back up with everything they read during the year.  I used to read quite a bit, but as of late, life seems to get in the way.  You know what I mean?  

It's hard to find/make time to sit and read a book between homeschool hours with my kids and chauffeuring them from place to place.  The times I do sit down and read are typically times I'm studying and preparing for my Bible study lessons at church -- and there's nothing wrong with that.  BUT, I've decided to see just how much good stuff I can read this year.

Acuff says that if you take the challenge and start reading, you're pretty much guaranteed to read more in 2014 than you did in 2013.  I'm in for the CHALLENGE.  And even if I don't get a LOT read this year, at least I'll have a good record of what I DID read.  There's some ORDER to that (and you know I'm all about ORDER this year).

So, here's how I've decided to fulfill the Empty Shelf Challenge:  since I read a combination of Kindle and physical books, I'm going to share a picture of each completed book on the last day of each month this year.  I'll be filling up a virtual bookshelf right here on my blog  

I'd love for you to join me and let's help spur each other along.  We can share book ideas and inspire each other to keep on reading.  What do you say?  It's never too late to join.

Filling my shelf with what I've read in January:


Hmm . . . that's a lot of Grisham, isn't it? I do enjoy a John Grisham book.  I read those books over our little ice storm break and they were perfect reads for long, cold evenings around the fire.    

I've also read the books of Genesis, Matthew, and half of Exodus from the Bible.  (I'm working on reading the entire Bible through again this year, so I'm sure I'll be sharing it quite a bit each month.)

Now that I look at the actual books I've read, I'm feeling quite accomplished.  WOW and Yay, me.  I'm happy with how the year has started off and I can't wait to add to my bookshelf in February.

SO . . . what are YOU reading? 

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