Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm Thankful For . . .


  1. Friends who love me just the way I am.  No questions asked, no changes necessary.

  2. The Read through the BIBLE in 90 Days Challenge and how GOD uses it to speak to my heart.

  3. Cheesecake

  4. A husband who loves me unconditionally -- even when my tooth aches and my body rebels.

  5. New buildings for growing ministries

  6. Pizza for supper that's brought as a surprise

  7. Birthday presents loaded with things I love

  8. Sweet hugs from the only son

  9. Kisses as the "baby" heads off to camp --   July 19 Prayer Request [Please say a prayer RIGHT NOW for Elisabeth -- my 10 year old and baby of our family.  She is at GA Camp (church missions camp) and they've just called.  She is having a HARD TIME with homesickness.  Needs GOD to calm her and see here through the week.  My heart aches for her, but I also know she needs to make it through this week for the future.] The update to her week at camp July 23-- HARD times!  {My Elisabeth is HOME!  And the sweet hugs were intense.   She brought treasures for us all from her craft classes and tiny little pens to write notes of love for one another. She has vowed that she is "never going back" to camp again--and I hugged her right up and told her "until next year."  GOD love her--and I know HE does!--she has been telling me about ALL the times she cried at camp.  (And she really is NOT a cry-er.) She said she cried every day in their BIBLE study time and when they asked her why she replied:  Because my mom teaches me the BIBLE during homeschool and it makes me think of her. THEN, she cried during Worship:  Because we were singing a song you sing mom, and it made me think of you. THEN, she cried during a big praise time:  Because there were drums in the song, and daddy plays the drums at church. She even cried in the swimming pool:  Because it made me think of swimming with my brother. She cried at night holding her special "key-key"--a blanket that's not much more than a wad now that she had hidden in her pillow so no one would see it. What an emotional week for my little one!  She's HOME, SWEET HOME now and was even a little bored last night.  I plan to love all over her in the weeks and months ahead.  THIS IS GOING TO BE A GREAT YEAR! I asked her last night if GOD spoke anything at all to her while she was away.  Her reply:  Yes.  HE talked to me about reading my BIBLE every day and getting to know HIM better.  Not just sometimes, Mom, but ALL the time. What more could I really ask? Thank you SO VERY MUCH for praying for a little girl "stuck" in a camp in small-town Mississippi this week and the mom who loves her.  GOD knew right where she was and your prayers made ALL THE DIFFERENCE in our world!  I am so blessed by friends who cared enough to send the very best!  Thank you!}

  10. Sisters who remind me how great the FATHER's LOVE really is.

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  1. That is a beautiful list. Here is one more thing to be thankful for- you won the Robert Pierre CD giveaway on my blog! Congratulations.


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