Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Historical Rumors

My earliest memories are of listening to my great-grandmother tell stories and tales of the past.  I always knew there were nuggets of truth in most of them -- and sometimes even mysteries hidden away.  My grandmother continued that tradition the last few years of her life.  She shared the good, the bad, the ugly, the funny and the sad; she told tales that make me who I am and encompass the history of my family AND my town.

I am enthralled with history and the stories of home.  I love hearing how we came to be and even love hearing the bits and pieces of the untold stories that are shrouded in mystery and have been hidden away for years.  I enjoy tracing back my family roots and finding out how we are all connected and I enjoy digging deeper into the roots of the town I call home.

Amazing the things you can learn on the internet.  Memories, mysteries, methods of madness -- we all come from somewhere special!

Teach me to number my days.  Psalm 90:12 Pin It Now!

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