Friday, April 15, 2011

Two Prom Weekend

It's a Two-Prom Weekend and we've so much to do!  First, all three of my Girl Scouts will be Under the Big Top tonight as they help host the special prom for mentally and physically handicapped friends.  My sweet Freshman will be dressed as the Circus Ringleader -- her troop is the one that has planned this year's prom.  The Princess will be dressed as a tightrope walker -- tutu and parasol included -- in her very first prom appearance.  And the jolly Junior will be dressed as a monkey!  Gotta love that the OLDEST  of the Girl Scouts have to dress as the circus animals!  I can't wait to post pictures here for you all to see.  It will be a fun night for all!  The Girl Scouts will be stretched and blessed and the Special Friends will be rewarded with joy and laughter.  I'm so thankful that I get to watch!

The second prom is tomorrow night and will wind down the prom season.  My Jolly Junior will be attending a local high school's dance with a friend from church.  Hard to believe my "baby" is grown up enough for this!  She has been fortunate to be invited to attend several proms this year -- one of the added benefits of home education! But no monkey suit for her tomorrow!  She'll be dressed in royal blue and rhinestones -- a beautiful fit for her royal personality.

It's simply going to be a great weekend.  I'm proud to watch my children give of themselves.  I'm happy to see them make others smile.

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