Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am FINISHED! and can't wait to start again!

PhotobucketBible in 90-Days Challenge COMPLETE!!!   The WORD is alive!  The grace of the LORD JESUS be with you all.

It's official!  At 5:54 this morning, I read the very last word in the book of Revelation.  I'm so excited!  GOD has used the past 86 days to speak to me in ways I couldn't have imagined. I have learned so much from reading through my Bible in this way.  THE WORD really came alive to me in a brand new way and the people just stepped right off of the pages and into my life.

There is a new clarity on so many things--and a deep hunger to keep on reading.  I can't wait to dive in again and again.  The more I've read, the more I want to read.  I've re-discovered so many gems.  I've had "a-ha" moments where all of a sudden, I got it!  I really got it!

And, YES, I read every word. I've read every begat, every number.  There were books of the BIBLE that I struggled to get through--but I made it through and GOD spoke through them.  There were times when I was days ahead of schedule; and times when I was days behind schedule.    I've read the cover right off of my BIBLE and made notes and underlined things GOD had for me to ponder and think and pray over.  I am challenged to begin reading anew--maybe this time I'll read chronologically!

Several of my dear friends have started the 90-Day Challenge with me.  I would like to CHALLENGE all of you to read through your BIBLE in 90 Days as well.  Mom's Toolbox will be hosting another 90-Day Challenge starting on my birthday--July 11.  It's great to read along with a group and be accountable for your commitment.  It's wonderful to know that there are other readers who are praying you to the finish line.

I'm looking forward to reading through the Gospels--starting NEXT week--and hopefully sharing with you as I go.

The BIBLE in 90-Days Challenge has truly touched my life.  GOD would love to touch yours as well.  It may be time to get your BIBLE off of your bedside table, dust off the cover and dive right in to the treasures found inside.  GOD loves you more than you'll ever know or realize or understand.  HE is never caught off-guard, HE is never surprised. HE would simply love to share HIS STORY with you.  Why don't you start today?

I promise you'll be glad you did.  You WILL be blessed. Pin It Now!


  1. I am doing this too, but got stuck in Jeremiah. I will not give up though. I will get renewed, and finish.

    I am stopping by from the Blog Walk.

    I know I am behind, but I am catching up.

    I am now following you.

    Would love a follow back.



    Thanks. Have a great day.

  2. Congratulations on a job well done!

    Your fellow Spring '11 grad,

  3. Congratulations! Are your blogging through the Gospels? I am really enjoying it! I hope to see you again in July, I will be there for round 3!


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