Thursday, January 13, 2011

Worship with New Eyes

I've just arrived home from an incredible evening of Worship that kicks off what I'm sure will be an incredible DiscipleNow Weekend.   DNow has always been one of my most favorite ministry events and I'm privileged to be a part of this one.

One of the things that blesses me most is watching my middle schoolers really EXPERIENCE an encounter with GOD for the very first time.   Kristian Stanfill led us right to the Throne of our FATHER tonight.  I was in awe watching my middle schoolers find themselves there--most for the very first time.  It was beautiful to see them lift their hearts and arms towards HEAVEN in total surrender to JESUS.  It was even more beautiful to see my sweet son with his eyes closed, face held upward, singing his heart out to our most awesome GOD.

That boy is growing up.  I pray his growing keeps him close to DADDY.

I am worshiping with new eyes.   May we all worship so purely. Pin It Now!

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