Friday, October 1, 2010

To-Do List for the School Year, part 2

  1. Learn Spanish so that GOD can use us to our full potential--the MainMost and I feel a strong call to serve GOD on the mission field in Guatemala.  During our visit there this summer, GOD reminded me of HIS CALL.  I choose to obey.

  2. Bigger focus on Art Education--not sure where to start here. Almost all of the McBlessings want to "take" art.  As of right now, the older two McBlessings are in art lessons each week.  I am still looking for ways to include the younger two McBlessings.

  3. Music History and Appreciation--I want to study some of the Great Composers.  I have recently placed on my "wish list" a curriculum I found by Bright Ideas Press called "A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers." I would like to begin studying Composers and listening to their inspirations in a more organized fashion than we do.   A few years ago I was given a book called "Raising Musical Kids" by Patrick Kavanaugh that was simply phenomenal.  It challenged me to include music education in our home and I want to re-read it before Christmas.  I have added another book by Patrick Kavanaugh to my "wish list" as well.  It is called "Spiritual Lives of Composers" and covers 20 of the Great Composers.  Doesn't the name of this book just make you want to read it?

  4. to be continued . . .

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