Friday, October 29, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 19--Something You Miss

I miss the imprint of little feet on my leg when I wake up in the morning.  They have all grown up and sleep in their own beds now, but I will never forget those sweet baby moments.

I miss hearing "Rock you, Mama" when he really meant "Rock me, Mama." Those sweet little hands held up high asking for time alone in the rocking chair were precious.  The young gentleman he is becoming makes my heart smile, though.

I miss planning parties with "Tina's friend" Bonita--and still treasure the day she became MY friend Bonita.  I also miss her late night phone calls to talk about the Bible and work through life.

I miss my little red car and the tag that said TDHGP.

I miss the days before cell phones.

I miss the play time that we had the year that we had no cable television.

I miss my small group from TBC and our weekly Bible study times--I also miss game nights, supper club and baby showers with those same friends. I have forever been changed by the time I had with them.

~~What do YOU miss?  Join me on Katie's Journey as we remember a little bit more about who we are created to be.~~ Pin It Now!

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