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Homeschool Review: Life With Dog #hsreviews #MovieNight #ChristianMovies #FamilyMovie

There's an old saying about a boy and his dog, but there's definitely something to be said about a man and his dog as well.  The concepts of grief, hope, faith, and redemption are explored through the eyes of widower Joe Bigler (portrayed by Corbin Bernsen) with the help of a stray dog that shows up seemingly out of nowhere in Life With Dog from Mill Creek Entertainment.  "Dog" arrives just in time to help save Joe from himself and proves to be a loyal, if quiet, companion as Joe seeks to find justice in the unexplained death of his wife, Alice (portrayed by Marilu Henner).

The movie opens at the scene of a hit-and-run traffic accident with a broken bicycle laying in the middle of the road where we soon find out that Joe's wife of 43 years, Alice, was killed.  Grief takes many forms.  Joe locks himself inside his home with memories of Alice and tries to shut out the rest of the world -- including his daughter and grandson.  He is sad and bitter and trying to make sense of the GOD whom Alice loved.  As his final act of love, Joe gently tends to Alice's prized roses and spends time in her garden.  This is exactly the place that Dog shows up and makes himself at home with Joe.  Where Joe has spent evenings "chatting" with Alice, he now turns his attention to Dog and a friendship begins.

There are many unanswered questions surrounding the accident that claimed Alice's life and Joe sets out to find what really happened on the day of her death.  He is eaten up with guilt because he talked to her moments before she was killed and asked her to come home and help him find something lost.  He does not know how to offer himself grace because he has never offered it to anyone else.  Because Dog becomes a faithful companion and walks beside Joe no matter what, Joe begins to realize that he can forgive and offer love.

Grief leads Joe to make some very strange decisions and he must face the consequences of those decisions one by one.  In the end, Joe learns to forgive others and himself.  He begins to see the world around him through the faith of his family and experiences that hope personally so that he can claim that faith as his own.  Joe finds redemption and offers it to the man who killed his wife.  He understands LOVE in a new way and grasps the LOVE of the FATHER anew.

Life With Dog is an interesting movie that steps deep into the heart of the many forms of grief.  Dog helps Joe discover the truth of GOD's love and mercy by simply being present.  You can learn more about this movie by checking out the following Social Media sites and you can pick up your very own copy at your local Walmart (they arrived in stores yesterday) or order on Amazon.  The runtime for this DVD is an hour and 45 minutes and the content is suitable for families to watch together.  Check it out here:

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