Friday, May 26, 2017

Random 5 on Friday (May 26)

1.  You really do need to push the reset button every once in a while.

 That tiny dot in the middle of the lake?  That's my graduate/birthday boy way out on the paddle board.

And this hot guy?  He's the MainMost.  Always and Forever.

2.  Friendships are your biggest commodity.  Treasure them.

THIS is what 30 years of friendship looks like.

3.  GOD is the MASTER ARTIST. 

 The view from the boat at sunset.

4.  Your dog loves you.  Love him back.

He missed us.  Ignore the luggage in the foyer, but check out the back of my couch.  He was lonely while we were gone and totally squished the couch down -- even though he had company come and play three times a day.  #spoileddog

  He's up-close-and-personal now that we are home.  Not letting us out of his sight.

5.  Life is good.  Don't forget.

Heart connections were made this week  My heart is full.

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