Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A Charge to My Favorite Son

 At our Graduation ceremonies, the parents usually say a few words to their graduates immediately following a video of memories.   It's a time to tell your child just how proud you are of them, a time to say "I love you", and a time to share special memories.  

I thought I'd share with you what I said to my favorite son last weekend.  Because I couldn't narrow down the pictures that I wanted to share in the video, I ended up having them all fly in at a rapid speed.  We used portions of "Mr. Blue Sky" (his choice) and "This Is Not Goodbye" (my choice) for the slide show.  I'm hoping to link it here on the blog later in the week.

My Charge to My Favorite Son:
If a picture is worth 1000 words then surely 1000 pictures at break neck speed must be worth a book, right?  Whew!  That's what happens with the oft-neglected 3rd child.  There may have been no birthday parties and there certainly is no baby book, but son, there are pictures and memories and friendships. And there has been adventure!  You, my favorite son, have never been afraid and you make the world a better place full of blue sky.
You entered this world with the regal name of Thomas Jenner McInnis and you immediately captured the hearts of those around you -- young and old.  I never knew that one boy could be as loved as you have been.  Your name changed from Thomas Jenner to Jenner to Tom Tom to J-Man to J and each change signifies true affection from the ones who call it.  
I’ll never forget the way you held up your hands and said “hold you, momma” when you wanted me to pick you up.  I’ll never forget that sweet smile and those blonde curls that followed the “big girls” through life and guarded the “baby” sister from harm – even when she didn’t mean for that rock to hit you in the head.  I’ll never forget those awkward middle school years when you were figuring out the proper timing it takes to tell a good joke – and how much you make us laugh now that you’ve finally figured it out.  I’ll never forget the night that you sat next to me on the couch and said “I’m ready to ask JESUS into my heart.”  That night is one of my favorite ever from your almost-18 years of life.  
You have been a delight and it has been an honor for this momma to have you as her son.  In all the years of “teaching,” I’m not sure who has learned the most.   You’ve taught us about army men and dirt, how deep a good foxhole needs to be, how not to ride a skateboard, that it takes diligent practice to be a ping pong champ, that ski school is cool, that there’s no crying in baseball, that sometimes the end of the spear is where life begins, and that life is best when you give it your all. 
You’ve taught us what matters.  You’ve taught us that blood matters – and you’ve taught us how to pray that it will overflow.  You’ve taught us that friends matter -- that every boy needs a band of brothers and you’ve set out to surround yourself with some of the best.  You’ve reminded us all that convictions matter and you’ve set out to be a purveyor of truth to all you come in contact with.   
When I look at you, Jenner, I see that little boy all wrapped up in this confident young man who has the world at his fingertips.  I see one of the most compassionate gentlemen I’ve ever met.  I see grace and love and I see JESUS – and other people see it too.  You are special.  GOD has had HIS hand upon you and HE created you to serve like no one has ever served before.  You were made to change the world.  Go forth in confidence that HIS plan is perfect for you and IN HIS TIME you will know.
You are loved beyond measure, my favorite son.  Absolutely, positively loved beyond measure.  Be who you were made to be and know that you’ve been prayed over every step of the way.

Thank you for indulging this momma's heart and walking along us as we do life.

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