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For years I read and studied the Bible as a separate entity in history without connecting the dots to what was taking place in the world during the time frame that I was reading.  In my mind, there were "Bible times" and "textbook events," but I didn't correlate the two together.  Through our homeschooling journey, the kids and I began studying it all as a complete picture and the "ah-ha" moments have made history real for us all.  As a result, I find that we all enjoy seeing the pages of the Bible come to life through books of historical fiction like Shepherd, Potter, Spy and the Star Namer by Peggy Consolver -- Author.

Shepherd, Potter, Spy and Star Namer (379-pages, paperback) tells the story of the Hebrew invasion into Canaan as found in the Old Testament through the eyes of a 13-year-old Canannite boy named Keshub.  Keshub is a sheep-herder, a potter's son, and even a spy -- but his father shares stories of the hope found in the "Creator GOD, the Star Namer."  Keshub receives the excellent advice to "look into the eyes . . . because they give a look into the heart" and spends his days searching for a truth he does not yet understand.

I love that Peggy introduces us to fictional characters that could easily have stepped right off of the pages of GOD's Word.  She gives "skin" to Biblical stories and helps us to relate even more to the events that took place in history.  Because she has carefully studied her Bible, diligently researched the geography, participated in an archaeological dig, and even visited the setting of the story first-hand, Peggy is spot-on in her imaginative telling of this story of the Gibeonites.  She is careful not to detract from the Biblical account, instead she enhances the understanding for the reader.  For example, I have read and re-read the stories of GOD's provision of manna for the Hebrews as they wandered the wilderness.  It never occurred to me that mamas would prepare it creatively so that their families did not grow tired of the same thing every day, but why wouldn't they?  Mamas have been taking care of families for centuries.  I love that Peggy opens my eyes to the fact that Biblical mamas were real mamas like me.

Sharing ancient customs and allowing glimpses into family interactions and celebrations, Shepherd, Potter, Spy and the Star Namer offers the reader a choice between good and evil and reminds us all to live a life of integrity.  It also shows us that all of GOD's people are the same.  Family dynamics are the same yesterday, today, and forever -- and GOD loves us all.  Packed with action and adventure, it can be enjoyed as a fun read or explored as a unit study with the companion Study Guide, Digging Deeper Into HIStory.  Research links are provided to make each learning experience unique as students delve into the many topics that have been introduced to them in the novel.  From stars and honey to maps and fire, there is a ton of information to help students dig even deeper as they study and learn that the stories of the Bible are indeed true.  I love that Peggy shares the Gospel unashamedly and presents true Bible study in the form of a novel.  

Shepherd, Potter, Spy--and the Star Namer Peggy Consolver

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Shepherd, Potter, Spy--and the Star Namer {Peggy Consolver Reviews}
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  1. Hi, Lynn,
    No one else has mentioned Magdalyn's variations on recipes using manna. I wanted to include some recipes with chicken eggs in them, but some in my critique group could not picture it. I could just see chickens in chicken coops of lashed sticks riding atop their oxen-drawn carts as they left Egypt. Actually, she was one of my favorite characters to develop.
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