Thursday, December 3, 2015

Getting Into the Christmas Spirit {virtual refrigerator}

Okay, I'm excited y'all!  You know I've been linking up with the Virtual Refrigerator for several years now, right?  It's a fun way for me to share some of the super cool art that my kids do around here.  Way back in the day, I made sure to grab a magnet and put up their treasures whenever they shared them with me, but these days their stuff is a bit too big for that.  So, I like sharing their stuff virtually with all of you so you can get a tiny glimpse at the creativity that resides in my house.  And that's pretty nifty for me, but here's where the excitement really comes in . . .

My friends Kim and Chareen have invited ME to be a hostess for the Virtual Refrigerator Blog Hop.  How fun is that?  I am so thrilled to have the chance to keep sharing our art -- and the chance to see all of the fabulous works that come from your house as well.  This is going to be GREAT!  

The month of December tends to be crazy busy at our house, so I was happy that the Princess carved out a bit of time to CREATE this week.  In days of mass chaos, it helps to slow down, take a deep breath, and let your imagination run.  I think she did an excellent job.  how about you?

I especially liked watching the process as she tried out new paint sticks, used multiple drawing materials (paint sticks, colored pencils, markers), and added texture for a bit of eclectic charm.

And the finished product is FUN!  Isn't this a whimsical tree?  It just makes me smile.

Okay, now it's YOUR turn!  I'd love to see what your children are creating this Christmas season.  Have they taken a few minutes to relax and create?  Grab a virtual magnet and add your link here to share your child's art or your arts and crafts how-to posts.

And PLEASE visit the other blogs and see what they've put up on their Virtual Refrigerators this week.  Let's help spread a little Christmas cheer.

I'm joining the Virtual Refrigerator Blog Hop to share creativity unleashed.  
Be sure to visit and check out some of the other neat projects by some pretty great kids.


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  1. Thanks for joining us a co-host, Lynn!! I love the whimsical Christmas tree - those are the kinds of impromptu art projects my daughter loves to do as well.


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