Wednesday, December 2, 2015

currently {December 2015}

Welcome, DECEMBER!   It's the most wonderful time of the year, right?  For us it's kind of crazy.  I've managed to get wreaths on the doors, but that's about it.  Hopefully there will be some Christmas cheer around here in the next week or so.  How about you?  Are all of your decorations in place? 

Here's a look at what is currently on my mind . . . 

Wishing:  I had a clean house and all the laundry was done so that I could focus on making it magical for the holidays.

Remembering:  to seek JOY and find PEACE in the weeks ahead

Wrapping:   I have not actually bought one gift for my family yet this year.  I need to get started on that!  I spent some time Saturday night wrapping advent books to give as gifts to Sunday School teachers and nursery workers at church on Sunday.   I pray those little books will help them remember that they are HIS as they countdown the days until we celebrate HIS arrival.

Baking:  I'll soon be baking cheese crackers for our JA Christmas party and we'll be eating my favorite cake this season.  But, baking can't officially begin until after the robotics competition this weekend.  THEN we'll be ready.

Decorating:  I've been standing in my living room trying to decide what to do this year as far as decorations go.  Where is the tree going to go?  How would I like the mantle to look?  What would make our place look cozy and inviting?  My Christmas "stuff" is mostly a hodge-podge of style -- things that were on my tree as a little girl, things my children have made for me over the years, things that spoke to me and beckoned me to take them home.  I guess our house will never step off of the pages of a magazine, but each and every thing we have reminds me of happy times.  I like that.

currently, this month has great potential.

I linking up with Jenna and Anne to share what is currently going on in the world around me.  Join us?  Check back in on January 6th when I share what I'm currently resolving, reading, organizing, loving, and craving.
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  1. Cheese crackers sound so good right now! I've never made anything like that...usually I just bake sweets or bread!

    Have a wonderful Christmas season!


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