Thursday, November 12, 2015

My 5 Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

1.  My must-have kitchen helper is a crockpot.  I actually have several in different shapes and sizes.  I use a crockpot almost once-a-week year 'round.  Even more during the winter.  I enjoy being able to get supper going early in the day before our crazy afternoon runs begin.  It is the easiest piece of kitchen gadgetry I own.

2.  I really like the smell of fresh bread rising and baking in the bread machine.  I like being able to pour the ingredients in and set the timer so that my crockpot cooking ends about the same time that my bread is ready.  Yum!

3.  I received my rice cooker for Christmas from my mother-in-love one year.  The funny story (to me, anyway) is that she always asks for ideas from each of us for gifts.  I'd never used a rice cooker, but thought I might like to so I asked for one.  None of the others ever told her what they wanted, so everyone got a rice cooker that year.  I use mine about once a week.  I'm not sure if they ever used theirs -- or if they returned them for a refund.

4.  A sharp knife and a cutting board are a necessity in my kitchen.  I count them as one gadget, because mine are never separated.  I use my knife and cutting board daily.  They make life easier for me.

5.  We all use our Keurig -- but not just for coffee.  Coffee, tea, hot water for instant grits or oatmeal -- it's a staple in our daily life.

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