Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Giving Away Christmas {wordless Wednesday}

Shoebox Packing Party

Packed up and ready to ship

Boxes designed by the RA and GA groups at church,

Tracking Labels so we can find out where our shoeboxes go.

On the way to the Collection Center . . .

Here they go . . .

Our shoeboxes are ready for processing.
WELCOME to the Regional Collection Center.
Will we meet our goal?

Our shoeboxes are prayed over.

And we have the opportunity to pray over those who will receive them.
Our boxes will be placed in these large cardboard boxes and loaded up on trucks headed to Atlanta.  From Atlanta, they'll be shipped all over the world so that children can learn about how wonderful JESUS really is.
Such a simple way to share the GREAT NEWS.    Such an easy way for us to all be involved in spreading HOPE. 

And next year, we are packing even MORE shoeboxes -- because the children pictured below are the ones who were not given a shoebox at one of last year's locations.  This just makes my heart ache.  Those precious, beautiful faces need just a bit of HOPE.

How about you?  Did you pack a shoebox this year?

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