Friday, August 14, 2015

Random 5 on Friday -- August 14

1.  Some days hope is elusive and words just don't come.

2.  The bluejays may like the dog food better than the birdseed.  Or maybe they just enjoy the thrill of the chase as they swoop down to steal nuggets with the dogs close by.  Could they be in training for stealth missions?

3.  Hummingbirds are still my favorites, and dragonflies fascinate me. Yes, I know they are two totally different things, but I enjoy watching both in the mornings on the patio with the MainMost. I've seen more dragonflies this year than ever in my life.  Beautiful specimens.

4.  Am I becoming my mother?  If I start to discuss the shapes of clouds and the approaching weather (along with birds and insects), you'll know I have.  And that's not necessarily a bad thing, just something I never saw coming.

5.  My house would never be featured on the pages of Home and Garden, Southern Living, or House Beautiful, but the back patio sure is nice and the folks that call it home sure do rock my world.

How's that for a slice of random pie?
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  1. Who needs a magazine layout for a home when we can enjoy our family and know we are loved! I'm ready for some time to relax on the porch with mine.


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