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Schoolhouse Review: CursiveLogic #hsreviews

Both the Princess and the Eagle Scout have asked me in the last few months if I have any "cursive sheets" that they can have to work on.  They come to a longing to improve their handwriting skills from totally different places.  My son wants to improve his handwriting -- he says others can't read it and he has forgotten how to make quite a few of the letters.  He plans to open a checking account very soon and wants to be able to write legibly and sign professionally.  (He had a stroke at 18 months that severely impaired his grasp of pencils and cursive was never "fun" when we learned it back in the early grades.  Now he realizes he's too old not to write in cursive and MUST have a legible signature -- among other things.)  My daughter, on the other hand, wants her handwriting to be "pretty" and she has spent HOURS these last few weeks practicing for a pretty handwriting.

The CursiveLOGIC review came at the perfect time for both of them.  I just love it when we find things that interest them "just because."  Who would have ever expected my 14- and 16- year-olds to ASK for "cursive sheets"?  I was excited to be chosen to be a part of this review because I knew they'd be happy to work through the pages of  the CursiveLOGIC Workbook without me having to beg.  (You know EXACTLY what I'm talking about, don't you homeschooling moms?  Please tell me that you do.)  It has been really neat to see the CursiveLogic method come to life through their use and practice of the color-coded logical study.  Color-coded learning is fun no matter who you are.  This unique way of teaching cursive has been a neat learning experience for my children and I know it will help any children who want to learn to write in cursive.  It's perfect for young children just being introduced to the art of cursive writing and for older students like mine who simply have goals of improvement.

So what exactly IS CursiveLOGIC  and what makes it different from all of the other handwriting programs out there?  Instead of simply memorizing letters and the correct formation of each, students are taught the basic structures of letters and how to string them together to write words.  Broken down into four foundational shapes, the CursiveLOGIC method makes it easier for students to remember HOW to form and write each letter.  Shapes and colors combined together with auditory analysis help students acquire the necessary skills to write in cursive while having fun.  This simplistic approach works for students young and old as they move through the pages of the workbook.

The CursiveLOGIC Workbook is wirebound at the top and contains 96-pages of instructional practice sheets.  While the main focus is teaching the lowercase letters, time is spent on the correct formation of uppercase letters as well.  The consumable color-coded lessons keep students engaged and the dry erase pages allow for extra practice as needed.  This is perfect for my kids as they work to improve their handwriting.  It's fun to watch them in intent focus with the end goal in mind.  And for even more help, CursiveLOGIC offers FREE additional practice pages monthly via email.  What a joy to find a company that keeps on giving.

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