Friday, July 3, 2015

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW -- July Blog Challenge #bloggingthroughJuly #summerchallenge

Many, many years ago there was a little song that we sang in VBS and it went something like this:
Big windows,
Little windows,
Windows on the World.  
That's all I remember of it, but the chorus stuck.  (Do any of you happen to know it?)  I've often sung the Big Windows song as I looked out into the world.  Sometimes what I see is just a little bit scary and I have to step back and look through the little windows to my world.

As I type this today, the sun is peeking through the trees and I see beauty through all the windows that surround me.  We had a short little summer rain and steam is rising heavily off of the asphalt to the front of me.  My outside dogs are sleeping on the front porch under the canopy of the roof.  There are birds landing softly on the bird feeders out in my backyard looking longinly for seed.  Unfortunately, the squirrels beat them to it today and I have yet to refill for my feathered friends.

Out my kitchen window I am hoping to catch another glimpse of the hummingbird that made the flyby last night.  I made fresh nectar for him and filled up the feeder in hopes that he tells his friends that our home is a good stop for them all.  I do love those tiny hummingbirds.

Life is crazy, but life is good.  I enjoy looking outside my windows and taking in a glimpse of the world.  How about you?

What do you see outside the windows of your day?  Inquiring minds want to know.

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  1. What a peaceful view in the midst of this busy life. I love watching hummingbirds, too, but we haven't seen many this year.

    1. I just love them, too. I'm so happy at least one has found my feeders this year. It makes my heart smile.


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