Friday, July 24, 2015

HOUSEKEEPING -- July Blog Challenge #bloggingthroughJuly #summerchallenge

Bwahahahahaha . . . what a topic!  Housekeeping is NOT my strong suit.  But . . .

You can just call me Cinderella today.  I've actually been down on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor with my Dawn and Cleaning Vinegar concoction.  I know, I know . . . it's hard to believe.  But, I just have to confess that the floor was bad.  Gross.  We powerwashed our house last Friday to prepare it for a paint job and the big glass windows around my front door leaked.  Lovely, huh?  I asked the Eagle Scout to please, please, please get a towel and clean up the water.  He cleaned up all that you could visibly see, but . . . he failed to look under the dog kennels -- or anything else for that matter.

I knew that the entire area needed to be thoroughly scrubbed and the shuttered closet doors needed to be wiped down.  I knew it did.  Did I mention that I absolutely abhor housework?   I just didn't get that "like-to-clean" gene.

But today was as good a day as any.  As you know, we lost our dear Princess Finleigh Anne Monday afternoon, so cleaning the foyer gave me an excuse to move her kennel out of the house and rearrange a bit of furniture.  I moved Chaucer's kennel to a new spot and angled it a little differently.  Maybe this will make it easier for him to learn the "cage up" command.

Housekeeping is still not my strong suit, but I do feel a little better with that one corner of my world clean.  Hopefully, that will give me the "want to" to move into another corner later.  I truly do desire to live in a nice and tidy house.  It is my biggest dream -- to ONE DAY remove the clutter and chaos and find order and peace inside.

How do you make your house a home?

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