Thursday, June 18, 2015

Join Me in the July Blog Challenge? #bloggingthroughJuly #summerchallenge

I'm one of those girls who likes a challenge.  I'm just a wee bit competitive so if you challenge me to something, I'm going to try my hardest to rise to the occasion.  I've participated in an Instagram challenge recently -- and LOVED it -- and I've joined in on a few blog challenges since I started blogging.

I find it easier to be a regular blogger if I have a topic to get me started, so I asked my sweet friend, Jennifer over at a glimpse of our life, if she'd like to join with me this summer on my quest to blog more frequently about the stuff that makes life fun.  We've discussed LOTS of topics that we think would be GRAND ideas for blog posts and we've narrowed it down to 31 favorites--just PERFECT for the month of July.  But . . . we don't want to do this all by our little lonesomes.  We'd like to have all of our blogging friends to join in on the fun.  I think it would be super-cool to get to know each of you even better and can think of no better way than blogging along beside you through the month of July.

Would you care to join in?  I CHALLENGE you to accept.  Here's the short list of what we'll be blogging about (longer explanations are offered below):

You could pick a topic or two or thirty-one.  And feel free to tweak them to make them your very own.  Blog away and then come back to link up each day.  I can't wait to hear read about everything you've got going on in your life. 
  1. Introductions, please!
  2. Favorite quote
  3. Outside my window
  4. Celebrate Good Times
  5. Where do you call home and what do you love about where you live?
  6. 10 Things {I like} About Me
  7. What's in your bag?
  8. Special recipe
  9. Artistic inspiration
  10. Where are you going or where have you been?
  11. In my fridge
  12. What is your earliest memory?
  13. Bucket list/Reverse Bucket list -- what's on your list to do OR what's the coolest thing you've done?
  14. These are a few of my favorite things . . .
  15. Lights, Camera, Action!
  16. Way Back When {in pictures}
  17. Summer Reads
  18. Pamper Me: Favorite indulgence
  19. Summer downtime
  20. Favorite foods
  21. Family Fun Time (water play, day trips, around town, on the farm)  What makes you giggle?
  22. In the garden/from the garden
  23. Treasure Boxes
  24. Housekeeping
  25. "If I knew then"
  26. Thankful
  27. Best thing that has happened this year/most fun we've had all summer
  28. Animals
  29. Favorite childhood book
  30. Made by me
  31. Why do you blog?

We'll kick it off on July 1,  You have plenty of time to be thinking it through and even writing and scheduling posts.  I'm so excited.  Thanks for doing life beside me!
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  1. I'm looking forward to this. Thanks for asking me to join you.


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