Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Long Way Home -- Ode to Ole Bessie

We took the long way home.  But we finally made it home safe and sound and mostly in one piece.  Except for Ole Bessie who made the ultimate sacrifice and wore herself out in service to us.

Wrigley Field -- as close as we could get

Until next time

$8.50 later we made the final exit off the Toll Bridge

Indiana -- the Crossroads of America

Windmills and more windmills -- for MILES

Kentucky -- the Birthplace of Abraham Lincoln

Tennessee -- the Volunteer State

Welcome to Sweet Home Alabama -- clearest picture I could get at night

The Force was with us.
Thankful for light saber giveaways -- only way other cars could see us when we sat on the side of the road.
For 2 HOURS waiting on a tow truck and/or the Highway Patrol.

The MainMost had to stay in the van begin towed because there was no room in the tow truck cab.

Hauled to a 2 (?) star motel

Dead on the side of the road back home in Mississippi.  Although it was supposed to have been fixed.

Brotherly love

And again . . .

Mom to the rescue?

Final leg home.  And then they said Ole Bessie had to retire.

I'm still emotional over this one.  Ole Bessie has been a part of our family for the last 16 years.  She's seen us through birth and death, happiness and sadness.  She's faithfully served our family and graciously taken us from one memory to the other.  My children have grown up in the bucket seats of this van.  They've watched The Wiggles on portable DVD players hanging from the front seats, colored pictures on lap desks as we traveled to Disney, eaten snacks on the way to the beach, and played XBox with friends as we crossed the country.

I know it's "just a vehicle", but she was a beacon of LOVE arriving in my driveway on Valentine's Day with a dozen roses in the front seat and a Christian CD playing on the stereo.  The MainMost purchased her for me when I had a 10-month-old and found out I was pregnant with number four.  Back in the day, both doors opened automaticallyto allow for easy access to car seats.  She speaks my love language -- that act of service that makes my heart melt because I am treasured and kept safe by the one who is my provider.  As of right now, Ole Bessie sits in my driveway.  I'm not sure how to say goodbye.

Dogs and vans -- they make me cry.  They become family.

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  1. Oh, now you have me teary! ;) I hope you said hello to my nephew while you were in Chicago! ;) Glad ya'll made it back home safely. Thanks for linking up.


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