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Schoolhouse Review: Exploring Ephesus -- a FishFlix Movie #hsreviews Review

Did you know that you can actually walk through the streets where Paul walked and preached and ministered and that you can visit the isle of Patmos where John was exiled?  Many times as I read through the pages of my Bible, I forget to think about the time period in which it all takes place.  For some reason, in my mind I have often separated "biblical times" and "historical times."  Over the past few years, I have made a special effort to see the history of the Bible in connection with the history of the world.  My children and I have spent much time studying biblical history in context with world history.  It is amazing how much more the Bible comes to life as we realize "who lived when" and study the politics, culture, and characters of the times surrounding the chapters that we read in GOD's Word.
Modern Ephesus

A few years ago, my dear friend and sister-in -CHRIST had the opportunity to visit Turkey as part of an educational convention and she shared pictures and video with me each night via text.  I'll never forget seeing her pictures of the road into Ephesus and hearing the call to prayer that played out over the loudspeakers of the town in her video.  As the bells tolled, the city came to a halt and entered a time of mandatory prayer.  Oh, that we would be so faithful.  The video and pictures made quite an impression on me and my children as we had just been studying Paul's life and letters. Talk about bringing school to life!  While it may not be easy for us to visit many of these places that we study, we can certainly take a "virtual field trip" through video. offers the perfect travel documentary/spiritual insight film in Exploring Ephesus:  City of Apostles (58 minutes. Review
The apostle Paul served for 3 years in ministry in the city of Ephesus and the church at Ephesus receives great mention in the book of Revelation. Dr. Mark Wilson and Dr. Andy Jackson take us on a journey of those early years of ministry as we visit and explore together in their film,  Traveling throughout the city, we are able to see the major landmarks of history (including the Temple of Artemis and the Aegean Sea) and compare them to the written documentation in the Bible.  The views are simply breathtaking and affirmation of the truth found in the Bible is exciting to me.

Paul taught door-to-door and Exploring Ephesus gives us a first-hand look at the remains of terrace houses -- the actual places where the early churches met -- and a tour through caves that served as centers of worship.  What a difference when we compare the early church to our current churches! Beautiful frescoes further strengthen our understanding of the Bible as we stand together in the center of history.  Visiting the burial place of beloved John, seeing the ruins of the great colosseum, and knowing that men who penned the beautiful words that have both convicted and comforted me all of my life as I read and study my Bible walked these very streets touched my heart in a way that I find hard to describe.  Although I may never walk those roads myself, I feel as though I have been there and walked beside them in ministry, in compassion, in life.

Additional content (30+ minutes) on the DVD offers bonus discussions of the book of Ephesians, the Seven Churches of Revelation, and the impact that those seven churches have on us in modern times. This is a great resource to help bring GOD's Word to life trough fast-paced adventure.

Visiting Ephesus through Exploring Ephesus reminds us that we are overcomers through our faith. What a legacy we have as Christians as we watch history unfold.  FishFlix endeavors to bring quality family films into the mainstream.  Join me in supporting them by picking out even more great family-friendly movies to share in your home.   You can find more information about FishFlix:  Christian Movies to Inspire and Entertain on the following Social Media sites:

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