Wednesday, March 4, 2015

currently {March 2015}

Here's a look at what is currently on my mind . . . 

Dreaming:  of green grass, flowers, sunshine, SPRING

Planning:  South Super Regional FTC robotics competition {Next week}, a September wedding, Camp Sunshine, StudentLife Camp, and Vacation Bible School

Making:  not one thing.  I seriously can't think of one thing I am currently making.  How sad is that?  I'm not the least bit creative these days.  But I am making a tiny little dent in the laundry, so that surely counts for something.  Right?

Baking:  I have an afflicted oven these days so baking is kept to a bare minimum.  The silly thing cuts itself off more than it stays on.  I was successful in making pumpkin bars on Sunday though and they were yummy. 

Watching:  The MainMost and I have been series-binging Call the Midwife and Friends on Netflix.  Talk about good tv.  Call the Midwife is a poignant look at midwifery and family in 1950s London and Friends just makes us laugh.  I highly recommend both.  I've also been watching a Great Courses Anatomy and Physiology set with my daughter.  Interesting stuff.

currently, this month has great potential.

I linking up with Jenna and Anne to share what is currently going on in the world around me.  Join us?  Check back in on April 1st when I share what I'm currently  wearing,  sipping,  wish listing, writing, exploring. Pin It Now!


  1. We ONLY watch BBC programs on Netflix....too much stuff we aren't interested in on American tv. It's sad....

  2. I'm dreaming of spring too... And I've been meaning to check out Call the Midwife. BBC stuff is usually right up my alley. Thanks for linking up!

  3. My mom worked as a labor and delivery nurse before I was born. She shared her love of this series with me, and called me over to watch a few episodes with her on TV. I'd enjoy watching the whole series. We have been watching some Great Courses DVDs , too.

  4. Happy first day of spring! It has finally arrived. :) I hope you have a great weekend full of lots of outdoor activities (hopefully it's nice where you are!).


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