Monday, January 26, 2015

Weaving Tapestries in Prayer

A beautiful way to start a year of ministry and life . . .


Building memorials of BLESSINGS

a very visual reminder to pray for the world and people-groups who don't know JESUS

Hand - to - Hand Prayer Stations

Doing life together and Praying over one another's burdens

Coming alongside other women as we walk through our daily struggles -- praying together as we prepare to face the days of ministry ahead -- offers such HOPE to my heart and acts as a balm to my soul.  The opportunity to fellowship and spend quality time in intentional prayer is just what I needed to begin this next season of life.  Through directed prayer stations, I was afforded a chance to read, study, confess, listen, release, and heal -- and I didn't have to plan a thing.  What a wonderful time to just be in the presence of my FATHER.  THIS is what ministry should be about.  Thank you.

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  1. Intentional and murmurings from our heart that we don't have words for, I love that God hears them all.


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