Friday, November 7, 2014

Random 5 (or 6) on Friday

It's been TWO MONTHS since I posted a Random 5.  What's up with that?  I meant to do better.  As a result, I may have more than 5 wonderfully random things to share today.  Is that okay?  
1.  I voted this week.  Did you?  I even took my kids along.  Actually, I always take my kids along.  I want them to see the voting process up close and personal and I want them to know it's important to exercise their right to vote.

2.  The sweetest thing I heard all week was "Remember that I love you."  My favorite techie guy typed it in a Bomgar chat session after I lamented that I'm forgetting all the simple things I used to know.   He still makes my heart melt after almost 24 years of marriage.  

3.  I've got some of the greatest friends.  They are wise beyond belief at the perfect times.  I don't think we understand the importance of choosing our friends wisely.  And when my sisters get on a roll and let GOD speak through them, it doesn't matter if it's face-to-face, through text, or chat, they just blow me away.  I'm encouraged through their words -- and love the fact that they still love me after knowing the real me.  I am blessed.

4.  Cats.  I used to like them.  Now, not so much.  My blinds are torn, my table legs shredded.  Grrr . .

5.  The United States Army Field Band & Soldier's Chorus is PHENOMENAL.  What wonderful     Musical Ambassadors.  We thoroughly enjoyed the concert this week.  It was patriotic, and emotional, and technically superb.  You should definitely see them when they are close to you. 

Culture Credit  #finearts

6.  When Autumn finally arrives in Mississippi, it arrives in style.  WOW to the WOW.  GOD sure knows how to make a scene.
Isn't this stunning?  Lovely, I tell you.  Lovely.

Because this day has GREAT POTENTIAL,

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