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Schoolhouse Review: Wizzy Gizmo Brings the Bible to Life #hsreviews

Wizzy Gizmo Review

It's Bible Drill time again and children, middle schoolers, and high schoolers are busy practicing the books of the Bible as they speed through to find Key Passages and Bible Answers in 8 - 10 seconds.  We are doing drills of the Bible books and reminding students of the Divisions where each book is found.  Knowing this helps tremendously with speed as they work to hide GOD's Word in their hearts.  This year, I have a new tool to help kids understand all of this.  Wizzy Gizmo, a company intent on bringing the Bible to life,  has created the coolest commentary cards in their Fast Track Bible Pack.

The Fast Track Bible Pack:  New Testament flash cards ($14.99) are perfect for all ages (children and adults alike) to learn with and explore GOD's Word on a personal level.  There are activity suggestions on the website broken down into categories for children ages 2 -5, ages 6 - 8, ages 9 - 11, and ages 12 and older.  This 28-card set (one card for each book of the New Testament PLUS an outline card that is quite impressive) makes for such wonderful Bible Study Tools, you are definitely going to want to explore them with your children.  The front of each card shares a summary of the New Testament book with the number of chapters included, the name of the author and a brief author bio, the date the book was written, and the general theme of the book.  The back of each card repeats the theme with a bit of explanation and shares an outline of the book, the key chapters and key passages found in the book, the key doctrines covered within the book, and the key people discussed.

For example:

The theme of the book of James is "True Faith Works."  There are 5 chapters and it was written by the half brother of JESUS between 44 and 49 A.D.  James was a key leader in the church at Jerusalem and wrote his letter to Christians who had been scattered abroad due to persecution. Writing about Faith in Action, James reminds us to "consider it joy when you encounter trials" and to beware "the dangers of the tongue."  There are six key passages and two key doctrines in the book of James.  Key people discussed are the persecuted Jewish believers scattered throughout the Roman empire.

Wizzy Gizmo Review
I have used these cards with the Princess and the Eagle Scout at home and with my Bible Drillers and middle schoolers at church.  It is nice to have easy reference tools that they can comprehend and understand.  At home, we have enjoyed reading through the cards together and going over them as we sit and walk and lie down and rise up.  The Fast Track Bible Pack cards are beneficial in helping us to be able to understand the context of what we are reading in our daily devotion time. I love having the entire New Testament in outline format on cards that we can easily look at and discuss.

In Bible Drill, students are required to find books, verses, and passages in 8 - 10 seconds.  Students in 4th - 6th grades have 10 seconds to find whatever is called.  Students in 7th - 12th grades have only 8 seconds to find what is called.  It can be hard for kids (and adults) to remember the order of the books of the Bible and they have to know that to be able to find them in the time allowed.   The Fast Track cards offer a tangible way for kids to remember and understand.  We have used them as a game to help students learn.  I love being able to shuffle the cards and let them put them in order based on the division in which they fall (gospels, church history, Paul's letter, general letters, prophesy) as it makes a great hands-on instruction tool.

These Fast Track Bible Pack:  New Testament flash cards are truly outstanding and have been quite helpful at home and at church as we diligently study the Bible together and work to equip our children in doctrine and truth.  I have enjoyed using them weekly at church and daily at home.  I recommend that all families have their very own set to use at home together.  Now I just need a set for the Old Testament, too.

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  1. Oh wow! These cards sound amazing. I love that there are activities broken down by age group on line. Definitely something to look into (and very upset I missed the VIF for this one).
    Thanks for the great review.

  2. I agree that these are great for bible drills! Thanks for your review!


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