Monday, August 11, 2014


Day ONE . . .

How's that for a generic, non-descript title?  I know it doesn't really draw you in and make you want to read this post, but that's okay.  Maybe I need to realize it's Day ONE more than you need to read about it.

So, you might ask:  Day ONE of what?  Today is Day ONE on the journey to a better me.  A transformation?  Maybe.  Most importantly, I pray that it will simply be the beginning of better things to come.  I'm ready to feel better -- mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  I'm ready to smile more.  I'm ready to remember "me".

There's nothing special about today's date.  It's just a good day to begin.  And so I have.

It started with getting up out of bed when I woke up (early) and not resting there indefinitely.  I had a glass of orange juice, not Coke or Dr. Pepper.  The MainMost and I went for a walk when the fog was still rising and the rain was barely drizzling before getting ready for the day.  We chatted a bit.  Granted, this was nothing huge or earth shaking, but it was all a start.  A beginning.  And you've got to start somewhere, right?

My Trim Healthy Mama eBook was waiting patiently in my email when I got up this morning so I'll be diving into it soon to see what great tips and advice are to be had.  I'm expecting a great "mail" day hoping that my 7-Minute Life Daily Planner arrives along with My Student Logbook so that I can begin to organize the days ahead better.

After a crazy-busy Spring semester and a chaotically active summer, I've taken a few days to breathe and think and focus.  But now it's soccer season and Girl Scouts will resume; there's a robotics team to organize and a personal finance class to schedule.  There are art lessons to consider and a tumble class in the making.  Piano lessons are back and the oldest daughter moved to her own little house.  And that is my life.  Long Leaf Academy will begin in a little over a week so curriculum needs to be sorted and menus need to be planned.  And this is Day ONE.

So, I'm sitting here sipping ice water and preparing to open the pages of HIS love letter to me.  I've fallen behind in my scheduled reading of the WORD as the hustling of the world took over.  I plan to be back on track with my accountability partner soon and engrossed with the love of the FATHER as I seek to restore the ORDER that should be my life.

Because this is Day ONE.  There's nothing special about today's date.  It's just a good day to begin.  And so I have.

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