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Schoolhouse Review: Flourish -- Balance for Homeschool Moms #hsreviews #flourishathome

Flourish Book Review

Flourish Book Review
It's been one of those days . . . Oh, who am I kidding?  I could say it's been one of those months, but the truth is it's been one of those semesters.  You know the ones I'm talking about?  It's one of those seasons of life when you sometimes feel like you're just spinning your wheels and trying to keep everything moving in the same [positive] direction.  I often think I'm just working to keep all of the many plates spinning and hoping not to let any of them come crashing to the ground. Author Mary Jo Tate calls this living life in "triage mode" in her book  Flourish:  Balance for Homeschool Moms and she offers action steps of evaluation to begin moving out of chaos and into calm.

As I breathe a little from the crazy busy year we've had (a Girl Scout Gold Project and Ceremony, a Girl Scout Silver Project and Ceremony, a Boy Scout Eagle Project and Ceremony, state and international robotics competitions, a high school graduation, and a college graduation, whew . . .) I find myself reaching for the books of encouragement I hold dear. There are books that help me plan, books that remind me why, and books that keep me going -- as a mother, a teacher, a wife.  I am busy.  I am more than busy.  I teach, I minister, I volunteer in my community.  I joke with friends and say that it's the craziness of my life that keeps me sane, but is it?  I know that I need to find balance.

What has quickly become one of my most favorite new resources, Flourish:  Balance for Homeschool Moms ($15.00) comes straight from my friends at Apologia Educational Ministries. You know how very much I trust Apologia.  From the very first pages, Flourish will provide daily encouragement and help you do just that . . . flourish with balance in your busy life.  This is a book for moms.  This is a book for me. I needed this book.  And if you would rather aim for life management instead of crisis management, then you need this book, too.  Really.
What exactly does it mean to flourish? It means to grow vigorously, luxuriate, be revived, or abound. It can also mean making dramatic gestures or adding a creative touch, such as a trumpet fanfare or an embellishment in writing or decorating. The overarching ideas are thriving and abundance.
And who doesn't want that?  I need the creative touch of JESUS so that I can thrive in life.  HIS Word tells us that not only did HE come to give us life, but HE came that we may have it abundantly.  (John 10:10) The best part about Flourish is that Mary Jo has test-driven a lot of mistakes and offers her experience as our guide.  Filled with scripture and inspiring quotes, Flourish speaks to the heart of every mom in need of rest, balance, encouragement, and motivation.  290-pages of life change in action, there are even downloadable helps in pure Apologia-style that will start you on the road to balance and peace.

With included chapters written specifically to single moms (that offer ways married moms can minister to those friends) and moms who own home businesses, Flourish has something special for each and every one of us.  I am using it to reevaluate my life's goals, reset my priorities, and remind myself why it is that GOD has called me to educate my children at home.  Mary Jo offers tested tips on home management, schedule maintenance, and memory making -- and she reminds me to be intentional about taking care of me so that I can take care of the ones GOD has entrusted to me.  Be honest, moms . . . do you struggle with this as well?
When we get bogged down in the difficulties and challenges of our busy lives, we start drooping like a wilted plant that hasn't been watered in a long time. But it's the flourishing plant – one that has been well tended, with the right balance of good soil, water, and light – that grows and offers beauty or nourishment. When you're flourishing, you can take better care of your family so that they too will flourish.
I have decided that this year I will not wilt.  I will not faint.  I will not grow weary.  Flourish:  Balance for Homeschool Moms is helping me to breathe and focus as I slowly work and pray through life.  You can even read the first chapter and check out the Table of Contents to see just how much you need a copy of this book now. 

Moms, it is time for us to stop ENDURING life and begin ENJOYING it.   Join me in following both of these Social Media Links so that you can learn to FLOURISH:

Because we all have the potential to flourish at home,

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