Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Empty Shelf Challenge--April #EmptyShelf

April has been a crazy busy month and I can't find ONE book that I actually read all the way from beginning to end.  Not one.  I've read pieces and parts of several, but have completed none.  I have books beside my be (turned up side down to mark my place) and books on my iPad (with various percentages marked as read), but NOTHING finished.  I can't add anything to my empty shelf and that just seems weird now that I'm actively filling my shelf this year.

I have continued in my quest to read through the Bible, so that's a good thing.  This month I have read Joshua and Acts and am right in the middle of Romans.  GOD's Word continues to lift me up.  

So, what are YOU reading and what would you recommend that I read in May?  As always, I'm open to suggestions.  Share with me what has inspired you lately.  What calls out to your heart and makes you whole?

I actually picked up a bag of books this week.  I found a great sale at a local ministry -- $3 for the entire bag of books.  I'm excited about the books that I chose for my bag.  I actually spent about an hour perusing the shelves that day.  It was a sort of mental health time for me. There is so much going on and I just needed to be able to step back and rest in the knowledge that GOD is in control.  HE is not surprised at what's going on in my life and the life of my family.  HE is not caught off-guard.  HE knows my hurts and HE knows my heart. The bag of books was just a sweet bonus.

Because this day does have great potential . . .

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