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Schoolhouse Review: Trident iPad Case #hsreviews

Trident Case Review
Techonology is here to stay.  In my house, there are 2 iPads, 1 iPad mini, 6 smartphones, 1 tablet, and 5 Kindles.  The MainMost is a techno-guru and we try just about everything that comes on the market.  And each time a new device makes its appearance, he makes sure to go over the safe handling of the technology -- and tells us all to be careful.  It's super important that we handle things with care because at our house the normal wear and tear is multiplied.  Protective cases are a must on everything since drops and spills just "magically" happen.

The Trident Case is WONDERFUL.  I've got the Kraken A.M.S. Case for iPad 2/3/4 ($69.95) on my iPad 2 -- in my favorite color, Trident Green (think bright LIME green) and I love it.  Not only does it offer protection, but it offers style and ease of use.  Unlike my old cumbersome case (it was an el cheapo and to take pictures I had to pull a cirque de soleil move to get the cover out of my way), there's no crazy flap making its appearance in all of my pictures and I know my iPad is safe from the herd of elephants that runs through my house every day no matter where it is precariously perched.  Yes, yes, I KNOW it's not really a herd of elephants that runs through my house daily, but 4 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a host of friends that never quite get the front door shut will sure make you think a running herd is headed your way.  And yes, yes, I KNOW that I should be very careful with where I place my iPad after each use, but let's just be real and admit that "precariously perched" is putting it mildly.  It ends up where it ends up because I am constantly on the go.  It's NICE to know that it is SAFE wherever it is.  My Trident Case makes sure of that.

The minute my military-grade case arrived, I sat right down to put it on my iPad.  And just keeping it real, I need to admit that I took it off once because I couldn't get the built-in screen cover to lay as flat as I wanted it to -- THEN when the MainMost came home, he re-did it because he's even more of a techno-perfectionist that I am.  His touch was magical because it is looking GOOD -- and flat.  I like knowing that the screen cover is built right in -- and am pleased to share that the built-in screen cover doesn't interfere with my fingers turning pages on my reader app or flipping to the next webpage at all.

The very next thing I did was drop that sucker on the ground just to see what it did.  (Now, don't go telling the MainMost that I intentionally dropped my iPad.  I can assure you he wouldn't approve.)   It bounced just fine.  No scratches.  No cracks.  All is well.

The Trident Case offers ease of use and great protection.  Just knowing it’s covering my iPad offers me a great relief as I "share" it with little friends at church.  I don’t mind passing it around to all of the little hands because I know it is safe.  The case is approved for use by all ages -- and my little friends may be even more careful with my iPad than I am.

Trident makes it super-easy for you to connect with them through social media.  Here are the many places you can find out more information about these great cases:

 Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/tridentcase 
 Instagram – http://instagram.com/tridentcase# 
 Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/tridentcase 
 Google+ - https://plus.google.com/+tridentcase 
 Pinterest – http://www.pinterest.com/tridentcase 
 Vine - https://vine.co/Trident.Case
 YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/user/TridentCase 

My very next Trident purchase is going to be a case for my iPhone.  I'm pretty rough and tumble on that sucker as well and I keep it with me at all times.  I desperately NEED a new case for it and I've decided that I'm going with the bright blue for it.  I love color and I especially love all the bright color choices Trident makes available for ALL of their cases.  There's even an option to build your own case where you can mix and match for maximum protection and they offer FREE standard shipping in the U.S. But don't just take my word for it -- head over there now and check it out for yourself.

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