Friday, February 14, 2014

My Heart on this Day of Valentine's

It has been a very nice day.  It started with a kiss, an I love you, and some popcorn -- and ended with a marriage booster with my MainMost by my side.  All the in-between was extra sugar in the smile.  

Popcorn treats for my blessings

Bring on the fun

That boy's got moves

a family of friends

Love those Bros

Cutest boy at the Rink

Marilyn's got nothing on my beautiful girl

Crazy Homeschool Skate Train

A Blessed Friendship

Music Master

Jambalaya Pasta with my Love

Me and my Girl


Love in Bloom

So . . . am I blessed or what?  How very special I feel after a day of LOVE.  Happy, happy Valentine's Day, my friends.  ENJOY.

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