Saturday, February 16, 2013

Elephant Walk

I rode an elephant through the streets of Thailand today. He was high society -- satin covering and canopy in bright gold and red. A different elephant than we see in the zoo -- his ears were speckled like a Dalmatian. Our driver said the elephant was 30 years old and I imagine he's been riding tourists for almost that entire time.
The driver used his feet to steer the elephant's head -- except once when he used a thick stick. To my untrained elephant-riding eye, it seemed an excessive use of force, but what do I know?

It was a pretty cool perspective to see the world from atop an elephant. It was neat to note how the elephant responded to the simple touch of his master's feet. How I long to respond to my MASTER's voice and touch in much the same way.
Mind you, the heavy stick I want to do without. My DAD is all about grace. Oh, how I love grace.

As our tour came to a close, the big elephant sneezed. Elephant sneeze = super slime time. Let me tell you, Nickelodeon has nothing on an elephant sneeze. At first, I was shocked; but the peals of laughter quickly followed. I laughed until tears streamed down my face. And then it hit me . . .

How many times am I riding high with the ONE who loves me most only to sneeze and slime HIM completely? How often do I cover my JESUS with goo that isn't HIS to bear? But oh, how HE loves me. HE holds me tight and showers me with grace and reminds me that I am HIS.

I'll take that any day.

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  1. Sweet new friend, I so identify with your elephant ride lessons.

  2. My ride was a little rough...he was only 10, so I guess the smoothness comes with age. Kind of like some real tough folks I know who as a youth pride themselves in being tough, never shedding a tear. As the years pass, they begin to realize that toughness is not necessary at all. Being submissive to the Father and learning to lean on Him. When they begin to realize all that submission brings into a life, they don't mind the tears. Because in our weakness, He is made STRONG!!


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