Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saying YES to the Weekend and Capturing JOY

I'm so thankful that the weekend has arrived. It's been a very hectic, chaos-filled few weeks and I'm intending to embrace some rest this weekend. I want to get the house cleaned up and the laundry caught up and our Christmas tree put up -- but I want to do it all in a way that captures JOY.

How are you intentionally capturing JOY this weekend? Won't you please share your ideas with me? Pin It Now!


  1. Get on the floor (or in the grass) and play, really, really PLAY with your children. No phones, no computers, just you and them and see if your heart's stress is not reduced significantly!

    Following from the Crew!

  2. The kids and I did a Joy Activity in November. I bought a bunch of smile stickers. Various sizes and printed out the word Joy with a couple bible verse choices. I cut card stock into pieces as little post cards. Then we filled these cards with the verses and stickers. I also found some smile balloons at our party store. I was able to get them for only about 2 something and then hellium. The kids put the balloons with a bunch of cards and we went around delivering our joy mail to those we thought needed a smile. This was a great pick me up. You could do this without the balloons too.

    From the Crew.


  3. just stopping in to say hi from the TOS review Crew.

    annette from A Net In Time


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