Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas and the Flu

We are busy getting ready for CHRISTmas and the flu has struck our home.  So far, there's only one child down for the count . . . but she NEVER gets sick and her fever stays on the rise.

BUT that doesn't stop us from making preparations.  TODAY I have finished shopping and as of right now most everything is wrapped and waiting under the tree.  The MainMost has taken the 3 healthy blessings to see The Hobbit and my sick child and I are enjoying a throwback movie from her childhood -- Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius.  Gotta love it.

We read The Hobbit as our Book Club selection last month and my kids are die-hard Lord of the Rings fans.  They were so excited to go see the movie (and Dad was even more EXCITED).  I am so happy that they are able to enjoy this special daddy-time and I'm happy to be enjoying daughter-time with my college Freshman.  Even big kids need mom when they are sick.

Thank you so much for being my friends and sharing life as we do it.  I appreciate you and pray that each of you is blessed beyond measure this CHRISTmas season.

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