Monday, November 26, 2012

Ruth -- so much more than a doll

Hello, Ruth.  Welcome to the family.
Have you ever received a package that was Oh, so MUCH more than you thought it would be?  How about a "toy" that was more ministry than "toy"?  We have had the sheer privilege of playing with and loving on just such a doll that came to us in a package filled with blessing.  When our Ruth doll arrived from The Freedom Girls, I knew that not only had she been sent straight from GOD to our family but also that EVERY little girl we know should have one.  It was evident from the very moment that Ruth arrived that she had been prayed over before entering our home.  My daughters were delighted and their smiles were brilliant.  GOD was all over that first introduction to Ruth.

Can you see the delight-filled faces? This picture still makes me cry.

Ruth is NOT just a doll.  Ruth is a discipleship experience that every little girl should have.  If you have a daughter, a granddaughter, a niece, a cousin, a friend, or a next door neighbor, then she NEEDS to have Ruth in her life -- no matter her age.  {My 11-year-old Princess loves Ruth, but my 16-year-old high school Junior offered to take her as well.}  The front of Ruth's box explains the Ruth Experience perfectly.  It says:  When you open this box, you open a door to a kingdom of unparalleled Biblical Truths.  Now how's that for wonderful?  I LOVE the fact that my children are being taught Biblical Truth as they play.  Ruth is a beautifully designed 18-inch doll dressed in a wonderful biblical outfit -- and she's more than willing to try on modern-day clothes as well.  But the very best part about Ruth is that she shares her story -- GOD's great story of love -- with our children.  

When Ruth arrived, we anxiously opened her box and carefully removed her from it so that we could look her over and begin welcoming her into our home.  Now understand, we are a doll loving family.  All three of my daughters have collectible 18-inch dolls and my mother-in-love has spent countless hours handcrafting wardrobes for each of them.  My Princess plays with her dolls daily.  She eats with them, sleeps with them, takes them on trips, and thoroughly enjoys their company.  Now that Ruth is in our family, she is the number one pick to be with us on all of our daily escapades.  We are sharing her story everywhere we go.

Each Ruth doll's face is individually painted and each outfit is individually sewn.  Super high quality, Ruth even has Scripture inscribed on the nape of her neck.  I am blown away to know that 2 Corinthians 3:17 is in the hands of my daughter as she plays.  GOD's Word does not return void.  We are blessed with each and every touch of our Ruth.  My Princess says that her Ruth doll is the "most beautiful doll in the world."  And I have to admit, I agree.

She IS the most beautiful doll in the world and the message she shares brings joy to my heart because beautiful are the feet of those who carry the gospel.  Our Ruth definitely carries the gospel -- right into our home and out into the world as she travels with us.  Ruth's story is such a wonderful one that we share her and it with everyone we meet.

Ruth comes with her very own storybook.  Called The Story of Ruth Through a Child's Eyes, this 112-page paperback is a keepsake for years to come.  My 16-year-old took possession of our book the second we opened the box.  She read aloud to us the Foreword in which Jackie Liberto, the co-founder of Generation With A Name and The Freedom Girls, tells us that GOD created within each of us a place to be filled only by HIM.  I want you to understand that tears were flowing as my "baby" read this to the family.  I LOVE knowing that the main goal of this Ruth ministry doll is sharing the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST and drawing girls to a relationship with our HEAVENLY FATHER.  As a mom, I desire for every toy we bring into our home to share my JESUS with my children and with their friends.  May we be found faithful.

Written by Dan Liberto, The Story of Ruth takes you chapter by chapter through the book of Ruth and reminds us to expect the unexpected as Daughters of the King.  Perfect for girls ages 6 - 13, The Story of Ruth is written so that all may understand and is obviously on target for girls of all ages.  My sweet 16-year-old has thoroughly enjoyed reading and re-reading and GOD is moving in her life tremendously through its pages.  She has offered to read the entire book aloud to the family AND to lead a group of my middle school girls at church through its study.  She read the Prologue "Whose Doll Is It, Anyway?"  to us and we were reminded that GOD has a plan for us bigger than we could ever imagine.  Ruth, the doll, is not JUST a doll.  I am so excited to offer that opportunity for girls at church in the new year.

Another added bonus to Ruth is the Re-Birth Certificate that comes with each doll.  It is a physical, visible way for children to record and keep the date of their rebirth in CHRIST.  After talking with a parent or significant adult in their life and giving their life to CHRIST, children can record it on the certificate as a keepsake to share with their own children.  {This is extremely special to me because the night that I asked JESUS into my heart, I wrote it on a small piece of a yellow legal pad.  That paper is framed in my office at church as a constant reminder of how much JESUS loves me.  The beautiful re-birth certificate really touches my heart.}

Christmas is fast approaching and I can honestly think of NO BETTER GIFT for your daughters, granddaughters, nieces, cousins, friends or neighbors than their very own Ruth Doll and the Discipleship Experience she brings.  In a world of chaos and confusion and toys that break or lose the interest of the receiver almost as soon as they come out of the box, Ruth will bring hours of focused enjoyment to your girls -- love and laughter that is focused on JESUS.  Isn't that what we all desire as we train up our children?

A special Christmas Blessing is in store for Ruth (and you) right now.  If you order your Ruth Experience between now and December 13, you will not only receive your Ruth doll and her book, but you will also receive a book to share with a friend.  This will make a great introduction to the most amazing LOVE STORY ever.  Infused with Scripture and complete with questions to answer at the end of each chapter, The Story of Ruth would be a most excellent Bible Study tool for you and a friend.  What a way to share JESUS with those you love the most.

BRING RUTH HOME TODAY.  Begin to learn, interact, and play together now.  You'll be so glad you did.

A family ministry, The Freedom Girls can also be found on FaceBook and Pinterest.  Please take some time to get to know the heart of this great ministry.  Sign up for their email newsletter (there's even a free gift when you do) and read through the family blogs.  My family has been blessed through meeting the Liberto family.  Ruth meets our needs and so much more.  I pray you'll find her a blessing in your home as well.

~Disclaimer:   We were given the opportunity to love on Ruth and have been blessed because of it.  The opinions stated are mine and mine alone.  I was not paid to share my thoughts and feelings with you.  We received Ruth and a copy of her book in exchange for an honest review. ~ Pin It Now!

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